男裝風褸 Trail Graphic Wind Jacket M

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‧ 主動氣流通風
‧ 透氣的
‧ 彈性袖口
‧ 彈性腰間
‧ 可收納
‧ 反光貼
‧ 收納袋
‧ 拇指孔
‧ 緊身兜帽
‧ 疏水物質
‧ 抗風

Bluesign 認可的面料

PA 彈力網布 165(80% 聚酰胺 20% 彈性纖維)

DYNAPOLY ECO PRINTED R100 41 BS(100% 聚酯纖維(回收))、DYNAPOLY ECO R100 41 BS(100% 聚酯纖維(回收))

運動版型 - 修身版型


防風性能與出色的透氣性相結合:男士超輕 Trail Graphic 夾克是您越野跑的時尚跑步夥伴。 在山區,天氣變化很快。 這意味著隨身攜帶一件防風雨夾克以應對緊急情況總是一個好主意。 為了確保您不會承受不必要的重量,Trail Graphic 夾克是您的首選。 它能夠可靠地保護您免受寒冷,重量極輕,並且以其獨特的設計圖案引人注目。 所使用的 Dynashell 面料防風防水,觸感非常舒適柔軟,在最後一次攀爬時提供極大的舒適感。 夾克背面採用網布製成,可增加透氣性和通風性,因此您在艱難的攀登中不會過熱,也不會在背著跑步背包時背部濕透。 剪裁具有運動身體意識。 實用的拇指環完美貼合,不會打滑,並為您的手臂和手腕提供額外保護。 緊密貼合的兜帽可以捲起並牢固地夾住,這樣跑步時就不會感到煩人。 這款防風夾克緊湊地存放在引擎蓋中,可以在最小的角落找到一個位置,因此如果在山上遇到不舒服的情況,它總是可以放在手邊。 為了打造從頭到腳的合身外觀,您可以將這款夾克圖案與 DYNAFIT 越野跑系列中的所有其他款式完美搭配。 Trail Graphic 防風夾克 – 超輕防風雨保護,時刻準備著。

Light, breathable wind jacket for trail running.

‧ Active Airflow Ventilation
‧ Breathable
‧ Elastic Cuff
‧ Elastic Hem
‧ Packable
‧ Reflectors
‧ Stow Pocket
‧ Thumb hole
‧ Tight Fit Hood
‧ Water-Repellent
‧ Wind-Resistant

Bluesign approved fabric

Back Insert
PA Mesh Stretch 165 (80% Polyamide 20% Elastane)

Main material
DYNAPOLY ECO PRINTED R100 41 BS (100% Polyester (recycled)), DYNAPOLY ECO R100 41 BS (100% Polyester (recycled))

Clothing fit
Athletic Fit - slim fit

106 g

Wind protection meets great breathability: The ultralight Trail Graphic Jacket for men is your stylish running buddy for trail running. In the mountains, the weather can quickly change. That means it’s always a good idea to have a weather protection jacket for emergencies along with you. To ensure you don’t schlepp around unneeded weight, the Trail Graphic Jacket is your model of choice. It protects you reliably from getting cold, is extremely light, and is a real eye-catcher to boot with its unique design pattern. The Dynashell fabric used is wind- and water-resistant and feels very pleasant and soft next-to-skin for great comfort down to the last climb. The back of the jacket is made of mesh to increase breathability and ventilation so you don’t overheat on tough climbs or get a wet back when wearing a running backpack. The cut is athletically body conscious. Practical thumb loops lend a perfect fit without slipping with a bonus of extra protection for your arms and wrists. A snugly fitting hood can be rolled up and clipped in firmly so it doesn’t get annoying when running. Stowed compactly in the hood, this wind jacket can find a place in the tiniest corner so it’s always on hand if it gets unpleasant on the mountain. For a pulled-together look from head to toe, you can match this jacket pattern perfectly with all the other styles in the DYNAFIT trail running collection. Trail Graphic Wind Jacket – ultralight weather protection, always at the ready.