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男裝露營遠足背囊 Trek Mate 65+5

男士大號 65 升背包,配有可調節背負系統,適合長途徒步旅行和多日高山徒步旅行。

‧ 額外加墊腰部支撐
‧ 可從側面進入主隔間
‧ 兼容 Salewa 軟水樽和智能手機袋
‧ 墊子固定下帶
‧ 胸帶
‧ 鑰匙扣
‧ 負載控制帶
‧ 分體肩帶
‧ EVA腳墊具有3D通道通風
‧ 登山杖固定圈
‧ 從前面進入主隔間
‧ 高度可調風帽
‧ 為水化系統提供側管導軌
‧ 方便存取前隔間
‧ 側面壓縮帶
‧ 織帶
‧ 額外容量
‧ 側袋
‧ 獨立底部隔層
‧ 腰帶口袋
‧ 內袋可存放貴重物品
‧ 兼容背囊水袋
‧ 防雨罩

86x38x21 厘米

可調節:46 - 60 厘米

65 升 (+5)



420D 滌綸雙層防撕裂布、750D 滌綸


易於調節的 Dry Back Custom 背負系統具有可調節的背部長度以及符合解剖學形狀的軟墊肩帶、腰部支撐和腰帶,可實現個性化貼合。 此外,負載提升帶可確保長距離時實現最佳背部貼合,而預成型臀鰭可確保緊密貼合併將負載良好轉移至臀部。 其輕質結構有助於減輕您的背包重量。 Dry Back 系統配有帶襯墊的 EVA 背板和 3D 通風通道,可在所有季節促進背部良好的空氣流通和透氣性,而分體式肩帶仍然為如此大的背包提供了極大的活動自由度。

Trek Mate 由輕質、耐磨、雙防撕裂聚酯製成,底部有加固部分。 大儲物袋為備用衣物或帳篷桿提供了充足的空間,並且有一個單獨的前隔層。 從前面可以快速方便地進入主隔間,如果需要,可以使用高度可調的蓋子將容量再擴大五升——如果您打算攜帶更大的徒步帳篷,這非常有用。

Trek Mate 背包有一個用於存放貴重物品的安全拉鍊口袋和用於登山杖等的多個外部附件選項,以及一個方便的菊花鍊和肩帶,可將墊子固定在背包下方,以節省內部存儲空間。 完全準備好容納水化系統,並且還與 SALEWA® 燒瓶架和智能手機袋兼容。 配有防雨罩。

該包裝中的面料採用不含 PFC 的 DWR 表面處理 – 這是一款 SALEWA® 承諾產品。

我們的重型 65 升負載運輸車。

A men’s massive 65-litre pack with an adjustable carrying system for extended hiking trips and multi-day alpine treks.

‧ Extra padded lumbar support
‧ Lateral access to main compartment
‧ Compatible with Salewa Flask Holder (product code 1303) and Smartphone Pouch (product code 1305)
‧ Mat attachment lower straps
‧ Chest strap
‧ Key holder
‧ Load control straps
‧ Split shoulder strap
‧ EVA pads with 3D channel ventilation
‧ Pole fastening
‧ Front access to main compartment
‧ Height adjustable hood
‧ Side tube guides provided for a hydration system
‧ Easy access front compartment
‧ Side compression straps
‧ Daisy Chain
‧ Additional volume
‧ Side pockets
‧ Separate bottom compartment
‧ Hip belt pocket
‧ Inner pocket for valuables
‧ Hydration System Exit
‧ Raincover

86x38x21 cm

Torso Length
Adjustable: 46 - 60 cm

65 l (+5)

1500 g


420D Polyester Double Ripstop, 750D Polyester

This is the ultimate, comfortable, heavy-duty trekking pack for long-distance, multi-day alpine trails and where you intend to carry everything with you.

Customizable carry
The easy-adjust Dry Back Custom carrying system has adjustable back length plus anatomically-shaped, padded shoulder straps, lumbar support and hipbelt for an individualized fit. In addition, load lifter straps ensure optimal back fit over long distances, while the pre-shaped hipfin guarantees a snug fit and good load transfer to your hips. Its lightweight construction helps keep your pack weight down. And the Dry Back system with its padded EVA back panel and 3D ventilation channels promotes good air flow and breathability at the back in all seasons, while the split shoulder straps still allow great freedom of movement for such a large pack.

Functional spec
The Trek Mate is made of lightweight, abrasion-resistant, double-ripstop polyester with a reinforced base section. Large storage pockets provide plenty of room for spare clothing or your tent poles, and there’s a separate front compartment. There is fast and easy front access to the main compartment and the option to extend the volume by a further five litres if required using the height-adjustable lid – very useful if you plan to carry say, a larger trekking tent.

Secure attachment
The Trek Mate pack has a secure zip pocket for valuables and multiple outer attachment options for trekking poles etc., and a handy daisy chain and straps to attach a mat underneath the pack to save inner storage space. Fully prepped to accommodate a hydration system – and also compatible with the SALEWA® flask holder and smartphone pouch. Supplied with a raincover.

The fabrics in this pack have a PFC-free DWR finish – this is a SALEWA® Committed product.

Our heavy-duty 65-litre load transporter.