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瑞典越野跑背囊/背心 Strive Fly Vest

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穿上這款超薄跑步背心,跑步或飛翔,重量僅 122 克起

• 超薄設計,重量極輕
• 2 個用於放置軟水樽的前袋
• 2 個雙入口(正面+側邊)口袋,可放置酒吧和手套等較小的額外物品
• 背面有寬敞且易於取放的網狀口袋
• 1 個大前拉鍊口袋,包括鑰匙鉤
• 2 個可移動且可調節的帶子,用於將軟水樽固定到位
• 用於固定吸管的帶子
• 4 個額外的可移動和可調式帶子,用於固定跑桿
• 2 條多層次可調胸帶
• Silva Quiver 連線系統
• 用於緊急情況的整合式哨子
• 反光區域可確保黑暗中的可見度

• 材質:柔軟防撕裂尼龍及透氣網布
• 可水洗(手洗)
• 重量:小122克,中129克,大137克

隆重介紹 Strive Fly – Silva 在跑步背心的最新創新,旨在提升您的跑步體驗。 穿上這款超薄跑步背心,跑步或飛翔,重量僅 122-137 克。 這款背心由柔軟、輕盈的防撕裂尼龍和輕薄透氣的網布製成,配有多個智慧口袋和用於放置跑步桿的肩帶。


當您突破極限時,擁抱速度和失重的感覺。 Strive Fly 採用纖薄設計,由柔軟的防撕裂尼龍和薄透氣網布製成,可實現最佳通風。


Strive Fly 讓您在快速跑步和比賽中攜帶所需的一切。 背心的正面有兩個瓶子口袋,帶有可調節帶子,可將瓶子和吸管固定到位。 側袋有雙開口(正面和側面),方便取放凝膠、能量條或手套。 背面方便取放的網狀口袋空間寬敞,帶鑰匙鉤的拉鍊口袋非常適合存放手機。 背心還配有跑步桿和 Strive Quiver 配件、反光細節和緊急哨子。


體驗觸手可及的滑雪杖的自由奔跑。 四個可拆卸和可調節的帶子將桿固定到位。 Strive Fly 與 Strive Quiver 相容,讓您可以將跑步桿垂直、水平或交叉放置 - 由您選擇。

Run, or fly, with this super slim running vest weighing only from 122 grams

• Super slim design with minimal weight
• 2 front pockets for flasks
• 2 dual entrance (front+side) pockets for bars and smaller extra layers such as gloves
• Spacious easy-access mesh pocket on the back
• 1 big front zip pocket, including key hook
• 2 movable and adjustable straps to keep your flasks in place
• Straps for keeping drinking straws in place
• 4 additional movable and adjustable straps for securing running poles
• 2 multi-adjustable chest straps
• Connecting system for Silva Quiver
• Integrated whistle for emergencies
• Reflective areas for visibility in darkness

• Material: soft ripstop nylon and breathable mesh
• Washable (hand wash)
• Weight: S 122 g, M 129 g, L 137 g

Introducing the Strive Fly – Silva's latest innovation in running vests, designed to elevate your running experience. Run, or fly, with this super slim running vest weighing 122-137 grams. The vest is made of soft lightweight ripstop nylon and thin, breathable mesh, featuring multiple smart pockets and straps for your running poles.

Super slim running vest designed for speed

Embrace the feeling of speed and weightlessness as you push your limits. Strive Fly has a slimmed-down design. It’s made of soft ripstop nylon and thin, breathable mesh for optimal ventilation.

Smart Pockets, Straps, and Details

Strive Fly lets you bring everything you need during fast runs and races. On the front, the vest has two pockets for bottles with adjustable straps to keep bottles and straws in place. The side pockets have dual openings (front and side) for easy access to gels, bars, or gloves. The easily accessible mesh pocket at the back is spacious, and the zip pocket with a key hook is perfect for storing your phone. The vest also features attachments for running poles and Strive Quiver, reflective details, and an emergency whistle.

Running vest with attachments for running poles

Experience the freedom of running with your poles within reach. The four removable and adjustable straps keep the poles in place. Strive Fly is compatible with Strive Quiver, allowing you to position the running poles vertically, horizontally, or crossed – the choice is yours.