分離式爐頭 Gravity III

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座地式4腳爐,火力向橫伸展適合使用大煲及煎PAN,重心低設計唔怕容易倒瀉,因為有預熱管,所以適合低溫天氣使用,另配備打火器及風擋。如需要更高效能可以加配Gravity MultiFuel Kit (737380)升級為電油爐套裝


The updated Gravity III is the stove for people who want a stable, small stove but still appreciate the simplicity of gas. Thanks to the preheating coil, the stove can also be used during the cold season. With it its new igniter, which also works as a tool, Gravity has become more reliable and robust than ever. The stove has four stable, foldable legs and a wide flame making it suitable for larger pots. The Gravity III comes with a windscreen, a heat reflector, an igniter and a nylon storage bag. Gas is not included.


  • Measurements: 151mm (Diameter) x 110mm (Depth) x 50mm (H)
  • Weight: 260g
  • Output: 3000W
  • Persons: 1 - 4