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爐具套裝 Ulti Stove System 1.0


• 催化燃燒及紅外線輻射燃燒器無藍色火焰可熄滅
• 壓力調節器提高效率並確保一致的熱輸出
• 遙控罐軟管系統允許將燃料罐翻轉以在寒冷天氣下使用
• 盤式燃燒器重心低,腳部堅固,可用於多種地被植物,提供穩定的烹飪底座
• 支架折疊在燃燒器底座下方並進入燃燒器底座,將軟管和閥門鎖定為迷你的單元
• 省油鍋系統在使用時可牢固地固定在燃燒器上,並可容納/保護 100 克(1.0 公升)或 230 克(1.7 公升)燃料罐和燃燒器,以便於包裝
• 硬質陽極氧化鋁鍋和蓋子,帶傾倒口,集成熱交換器和織帶手柄
• 堅固的手把讓您輕鬆握住鍋具。 手柄還可以折疊在蓋子上,將爐灶系統鎖定在一個防衝擊包裝中
• 附贈燃燒器網狀收納袋
• Primus 認證

尺寸:直徑 56 x 200 毫米 / 2.3 英寸 x 2.3 英寸 x 7.9 英寸
輸出:3000W - 10240 BTU/小時
1公升水的燃燒時間:PrimeTech Pot 3分鐘,Regular Pot 4分鐘


The ultimate cooking solution no matter the weather, altitude, or landscape

‧ Catalytic combustion and infrared radiation burner has no blue flame to be extinguished
‧ Pressure regulator enhances efficiency and ensures consistent heat output
‧ Remote canister hose system allows the fuel canister to be flipped upside down for use in colder weather
‧ Disk burner with low center of gravity and sturdy legs can be used on a variety of ground cover and provides a stable cooking base
‧ Legs fold under and into the burner base to lock in hose and valve into a compact unit
‧ Fuel-efficient pot system securely sits on burner when in use and holds/protects a 100g (1.0L) or a 230g (1.7L) fuel canister and burner for easy packing
‧ Hard-anodized aluminum pot and lid with pour spout has integrated heat exchanger and webbing handle
‧ Sturdy handle allows you to easily hold the pot. The handle also folds over the lid to lock the stove system together in an impact protected package
‧ Comes with a mesh storage bag for the burner
‧ Primus Expedition Service certified

Weight: 600g / 21.2oz
Dimension: Diameter 56 x 200mm / 2.3" x 2.3" x 7.9"
Output: 3000W - 10240 BTU/h
Burn time of 1L water: 3min with PrimeTech Pot, 4min with Regular Pot
Fuel consumption: 60min on 230g / 8.1oz gas canister
No. of user: 1-2 people

*The brand of gas tank in the picture is for display only. We do not sell this brand of gas tank.