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爐具套裝 Mimer Stove Kit II

Mimer Kit 為偏遠地區的家庭提供了一個經典的健行廚房。

• 爐頭 + 炊具

• 堅固耐用,無折疊部件,此爐子非常易於使用
• 寬火適合加熱較大的鍋,可供 1-3 人烹調。
• 靜態 4 點盆支撐提供額外的穩定性和抗風性,同時舒適地支撐各種尺寸的盆子。

• 兩個輕質陽極氧化鋁罐(1.3L 和 2.3L)相互嵌套,方便包裝
• 煎鍋/鍋蓋可用作煎鍋或在燒水時保溫
• 鍋夾輕鬆拿取火鍋和平底鍋
• 附贈尼龍收納袋

輸出:2800W 和 10000 BTU/h - 將 1L 水煮沸 3.5 分鐘
燃油消耗:230g / 8.1oz 氣罐 70 分鐘

包括:Mimer 燃燒器、網袋、1.3 公升/43.9 盎司鍋、2.3 公升/77.7 盎司鍋、煎鍋、鍋夾



四個鍋架可保護寬大的火焰免受風吹 - 非常適合不同類型的鍋和平底鍋,最多可用於三人烹飪。 Mimer 爐灶提供 2800 瓦功率,在不到四分鐘的時間內煮沸一公升水。 享用完早餐後,整個露營廚房就整齊地裝入大鍋中。 配有耐用的尼龍收納袋,可容納整個廚房,包括鍋碗瓢盆。

The Mimer Kit offers a classic trekking kitchen for a family in the backcountry.

‧ Stove + Cookset

‧ Robust and durable with no folding parts, this stove is incredibly easy-to-use
‧ Wide flame excels at heating larger pots to cook for 1-3 people.
‧ Static 4-point pot supports offer extra stability and wind resistance while comfortably holding a variety of pot sizes.

‧ Two lightweight anodized aluminum pots (1.3L and 2.3L) nest into each other for easy packing
‧ Frying pan/pot lid works as a skillet or keeps heat in while boiling water
‧ Pot gripper handles hot pots and pans with ease
‧ Comes with a nylon storage bag

Specification of stove
Weight: 761g / 26.8oz
Output: 2800W and 10000 BTU/h - Boil 1L water for 3.5mins
Fuel Consumption: 70min on 230g / 8.1oz gas cartridge
No. of user: 1-4 people

Includes: Mimer burner, Mesh bag, 1.3L / 43.9oz pot, 2.3L / 77.7oz pot, Frying pan, Pot gripper

*The gas tank of the brand in the picture is for display only, we do not sell the gas tank of this brand

This sturdy gas cooker easily attaches to the gas canister and is ready for cooking in no time.

Four pot supports protect the wide flame from wind - perfect for different types of pots and pans and cooking for up to three people. The Mimer Stove delivers 2800W and boils one liter of water in less than four minutes. Once breakfast has been enjoyed, the entire camping kitchen packs up neatly into the large saucepan. Comes with a durable nylon storage bag that holds the entire kitchen, including pots and pans.