炊具套裝 Lite XL Piezo

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The Lite family is growing with a new capable version featuring a 1-litre pot, big enough to cook real food for up to two people. Other significant benefits of the Lite family are the unique Triangular Joint Connection (pat. pend) that secures that pot with a twist and the Laminar Flow Burner Technology (pat. pend.) that give the burner a very low profile. The 1-litre pot is made of hard-anodized aluminium pot with ceramic non- stick coating. The transparent Tritan® lid has an integrated colander. The Burner, pot, plastic bowl, a 100-gram gas cartridge and the footrest simply pack together in a mesh bag into one compact unit. Gas is not included.
Weight : 565 g
Persons : 1 - 2
Height : 118 mm
Diameter : 150 mm
Output : 1700 W
Igniter : Piezo
Boiling time for 1L : 4 min