火星快速爐 Mars Hose Stove

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‧輕量化鋁合金進氣管與支架撐撐點 一體成形,堅固支撐強度高
‧體積小巧,可 一手輕易掌握,不占空間,可放置於碗或鍋內,攜帶方便
‧精密瓦斯閥門控制精準,防刮金 屬編織瓦斯管安全有保障
爐架採用高韌性不銹鋼,承受重複 燃燒不會變形支撐力度大


Feature Description
‧Small size, light weight, strong firepower, small enough to be placed in a single pot together with a gas can
‧For backpackers, more convenience, solid materials and field-level performance, giving you more outdoor enjoyment
‧Lightweight aluminum alloy air intake pipe and bracket support point are integrally formed, with strong support and high strength
‧Small size, can be easily grasped with one hand, does not take up space, can be placed in a bowl or pot, easy to carry
‧Precise gas valve control is accurate, and the scratch-resistant metal braided gas pipe is safe and secure
The furnace frame is made of high-toughness stainless steel, which can withstand repeated combustion without deformation and strong support.
‧Advanced rust carrying bag for easy storage
‧Small storage volume, weight only 172g, ultra-soft low temperature resistant gas conduit, easy to wrap, not rigid

Product Specifications
Yele Mars Quick Furnace
Fuel consumption: 180g/hr
Stove opening: 163*85.5mm
Furnace folding: 107*50*85.5mm
Weight: 172g

The gas tank of the brand in the picture is for display only, we do not sell the gas tank of this brand