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攀岩止滑粉球 Chalk Bomb 65g Refillable

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‧ 100%純MgCo3,具有良好的手感和乾燥特性
‧ 不添加填料或乾燥劑
‧ 不含重金屬 - 越乾淨越好
‧ 可再填充且可重複使用


‧ 材料:無填料或乾燥劑,純 MgCO3
‧ 形狀:輕質細粉筆
‧ 重量:65 克(~2.3 盎司)

性能不一定是無聊的,8BPLUS Chalk 就是活生生的證明! 這是一種高純度碳酸鎂,不含任何填料或乾燥劑,裝在 65 克小袋中,可讓粉筆適量地通過,避免粉​​筆溢出和過多使用粉筆。 一種更清潔的粉筆,更適合您的雙手,具有出色的干燥特性和出色的手感,專為滿足您對粉筆最嚴格的要求而開發:頂級摩擦力,持久且輕鬆地塗粉! 該產品可以打開和重新填充,因此可以多次重複使用。

它也是世界上最美味的粉筆袋粉筆,這是一個額外的好處。 立即購買新款 8BPLUS 粉筆,讓您的粉袋充滿樂趣。


‧ 100% pure MgCo3 with great hand feel and drying characteristic
‧ No added fillers or drying agents
‧ No heavy metals - cleaner is better
‧ Refillable and reusable


‧ MATERIAL: No fillers or drying agents, Pure MgCO3
‧ SHAPE: Lightweight and fine Powder Chalk
‧ WEIGHT: 65 gram (~2.3 oz)

Performance does not need to be boring, and 8BPLUS Chalk is living proof! This is a high purity Magensium-carbonate without any fillers or drying agents, packed into a 65g pouch that allows chalk to come through in perfect amounts, avoiding chalk spills and too much chalk use. A cleaner chalk that is better for your hands, has great drying characteristics and a fantastic hand-feel, which is developed to deliver on your toughest requirements on chalk: Top Friction, long lasting and effortless chalking up! The product can be opened and refilled and is thus reusable for many times.

That it is also the world’s tastiest chalk for a chalkbag is a bonus. Get your hands on the new 8BPLUS Chalk now and make your chalkbag happy.