德國4人防水豪華隧道營 Tessin 4.0 Nimbus Grey

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營骨︰纖維骨 9.5mm
尺寸︰370 x 240 x 170cm
物料︰190T Polyester Alu UV Protect 80, 3,000mm

Weatherproof entrance
Stem with living space and storage space
Side entrance with zipped edging seam-sealed
3 permanent valves with spacer
Well visible red ground strip at dusk
Linkage marking
Vario Vent Control input

The family tent in a known dome shape.
The rotting strips keep out dirt and moisture. The very sturdy 5 mm steel pegs do not bend even on hard ground.
3 long-term ventilation ventilate the tent for restful sleep and should always be open.
Inner tent with Vario Vent Control System.
Continuous fans air-condition the inner tent when the Vario Vent Control System is closed.
The Ticino 5 offers accommodation for up to 5 people and is ideal for camping beginners, young families and weekend camping with friends.