德國4人防水豪華蒙古營 Como 4.0

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Nimbus Grey
Darkgrey Green


營骨︰纖維骨 8.5mm / 9.5mm
尺寸︰450 x 230 x 190cm
物料︰190T Polyester Alu UV Protect 80, 3,000mm

>Fly Sheet
>Dome living with 2 entries
>Crystal clear window with cover
>High level ventilation
>2 permanent ventilations
>Roomy space between fly sheet and inner tent.

Inner Tent
>2 doors with mesh window
>Tub floor
>Inner pockets
>Lamp holder
>Zipped carry bag
>Durable, strong 5mm pegs
>Seam sealed

Versatile family tent with left-right wing sleeping places for privacy or kids own hotel.
Dome shaped living area with two entries and clear window and cover. Top ventilation and two all-weather ventilations provide continuous airflow. Keep the ventilation always open for full function. Twilight visible red tape around the bottom fly sheet. Durable and strong 5mm steel pin pegs work on hard campgrounds.