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德國越野跑鞋 Alpine Dna

Black Out/Orange
UK Size
Alpine DNA 是 Alpine 跑鞋的比賽款式,可在具挑戰性的下坡快速路線上發揮作用。 它的全面輕量化,加上鞋面結構採用極簡設計,是您在中長距離與時間賽跑的理想伴侶。其圓潤的 Alpine Rocker 鞋底設計和均衡的緩震性能帶來動感、靈敏的跑步感覺。它的呎跟差 (Drop) 是運動型的 6 毫米。其 Adaptive Fit Systems 是一種特別出色的適應性鞋帶結構,可將您的腳牢牢舒適地固定在鞋內,因此您可以充分利用腿部的力量和速度。

Alpine DNA 憑藉其“Volume Reducer”提供了一項額外功能,可提高回彈速度,更使用額外的鞋床,讓你可進一步降低鞋子的中間體積,使其更精確的貼合。為了讓您在具有挑戰性的地形和惡劣的天氣條件下保持快速移動,Alpine 鞋具有抓地力的 Vibram Megagrip 外底,可始終確保完美的抓地力和牢固的抓地力。其無縫的鞋舌結構確保卓越的舒適度,無壓力點,提供超長的持久力。 Alpine DNA – 是你新世代跑鞋的不二之選!

重量:270 克

此款鞋楦以貼腳見稱,建議客人買大 1-2 個碼

The Alpine DNA for women is the racing model of the Alpine running shoe. Its strengths play out on fast, technical trails with challenging downhills. With its low weight and a minimal upper construction, the Alpine DNA is your ideal companion in a race against the clock over middle to long distances. Its rounded Alpine Rocker sole design and well-balanced cushioning achieve a dynamic, responsive running sensation. Its drop is an athletic 6 mm.The Adaptive Fit System is an especially good, adaptable lacing construction that secures your foot firmly and comfortably in the shoe so you can fully utilize the power and speed in your legs.

With its “Volume Reducer,” the Alpine DNA offers an additional feature for even more responsiveness. Utilizing an extra footbed, you can further lower the shoe’s middle volume to an even snugger and more precise fit. To keep you moving fast on challenging terrain and in poor weather conditions, the Alpine shoe features a grippy Vibram Megagrip outsole that guarantees perfect grip and a secure hold all the time. Its seamless tongue construction ensures superb comfort without pressure points for extra long staying power. Alpine DNA – your friend for setting new best times.

Drop: 6mm
Fit: DNA
Gender: Male
Weight: 270 g

Please kindly choose one to two sizes up from your regular shoes size