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德國戶外萬用毡 Outdoor Blanket

多功能戶外毯。 輕巧小包裝。 可放入每個背包口袋或野餐籃。
頂部由柔軟親膚的滌棉製成(80%棉– 20%聚酯纖維); 耐用且防水的牛津聚酯底部可防止地面潮濕。
戶外毯子既可以用作(野餐用)毯子,也可以用作天氣防護。 毯子的每個角落都有環,可將其固定在地面上,或用登山杖或直立杆(不包括在內)將其豎立以用作防水布。 推薦用於所有自然活動。

  • 尺寸:150x120厘米
  • 重量約 450克
  • 包裝尺寸 18 xØ12厘米
  • 210D牛津聚酯填充袋


Versatile outdoor blanket. Light and small pack size. Fits into every backpack pocket or picnic basket.
The top is made of soft and skin-friendly polycotton (80% Cotton – 20% Polyester); the durable and waterproof Oxford Polyester bottom protects from any ground moisture.
The Outdoor blanket can be used as (picnic) blanket but also as weather protection. The blanket features loops on each corner enabling to fix it on the ground or to erect it with trekking or upright poles (not included) to use as tarp. Recommended for all nature activities.

  • Size: 220x80/50 cm
  • Weight ca. 650 g
  • Pack size ca. 22 x Ø 15 cm
  • 210D Oxford Polyester stuff sac