德國五人隧道營 Kira 5.0

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營骨︰纖維骨 9.5mm
尺寸︰355 x 350 x 160cm
物料︰190T Polyester Alu UV Protect 80, 3,000mm

Dome tent with tunnel shaped vestibule

Fly sheet

Weather protected entrance
Vestibule and storage
Side entry with zipper fabric tape seamsealed
Functional entry with side opening to avoid entry height level
2 permanent ventilation with distance holder
Twilight visible red tape around bottom fly sheet
Color marked poles
Inner tent

Vario vent control entry
Tub floor Inner pockets
Lamp holder
Zipped carry bag
Durable, strong 5mm pegs
Seam sealed 

190T Polyester PU, 3000mm