德國二人輕巧隧道營 Kite 2 LW

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Kite 2 LW

帶有優質鋁桿的輕型隧道帳篷僅重2.56kg,並且包裝尺寸非常小。鋁柱7001 T6採用硬度為T6的優質鋁合金。內連接套筒形成光滑的外表面,並完美地貫穿營柱槽,不會被卡住因而易於處理。穩定而靈活的營柱使帳篷具有很高的防風能力。特輕且穩定的鋁製釘子將帳篷和風繩牢固固定在地面上。




Kite 2 LW可容納多達2人的行李,提供空間,非常適合徒步旅行-背包旅行-騎自行車和摩托車旅行,以及所有喜歡在沒有不必要的重量大包裝的情況下露營的露營者。


  • 防風雨入口
  • 內室正面的縫製帳篷地板
  • 帶有泥皮瓣的莖
  • 外帳和內帳之間的距離特別大。空氣流通
  • 2個帶間隔的永久通風
  • 光源窗口
  • 暮色中清晰可見的紅色地帶
  • 連鎖標記


  • 內帳篷預裝
  • 超長230厘米
  • 防滑底
  • 帶紗網入口的雙門
  • 簡易收起門系統
  • 內袋
  • 燈具支架


  • 材質:透氣滌綸
  • 底材:190T聚酯PU
  • 營柱:鋁製7001 T6 7.9毫米
  • 地釘:鋁
  • 顏色:香蒜醬/紅色
  • 尺寸(長x寬x高):330 x 140 x 90厘米
  • 包裝尺寸:42 x 18厘米
  • 重量:2.6公斤

Lightweight tunnel tent with high-quality aluminum poles weighs only 2.6 kg and has a super small pack size. The aluminum rods 7001 T6 have a high-quality aluminum alloy with a hardness of T6. Inner connecting sleeves form a smooth outer surface and run perfectly through the rod channels without getting caught for easy handling. The stable and flexible poles give the tent a high level of wind stability. Extra light and stable aluminum pegs anchor the tent and tension ropes securely in the ground. The inner tent is already attached for quick assembly and is protected from rain during the assembly phase.
Front structure and tent floor. The floor is firmly sewn to the inner tent and stows the luggage perfectly. Mud-strips keep dirt and moisture away. Weather protection entrance keeps the inner tent dry. Entrance with light source window. Two permanent ventilation systems ventilate the tent optimally in all weather conditions and should always be open.

The inner tent is extra long at 230 cm and has an extra large "Easy Stow Away" entrance. Simply fold the doors into the practical, sewn-on bag. Annoying rolling up is eliminated. The anti-mosquito door protects against insects and optimally ventilates the inner tent. Lamp holder and practical inside pockets.
The Kite 2 LW offers accommodation and space for luggage for up to 2 people and is ideally suited for trekking - backpacking trips - bike and motorcycle tours and all campers who like to do without unnecessary weight bulky pack size.

Outer tent:

  • Weather-protected entrance
  • Sewn-on tent floor on the inner cell front
  • Stem with mud flaps
  • Extra large distance between the outer tent and inner tent. Air circulation
  • 2 permanent ventilation with spacer
  • Light source window
  • Clearly visible red strip of ground in the twilight
  • Linkage marking
Inner tent:
  • Inner tent pre-assembled
  • Extra long 230 cm
  • Tub bottom
  • Double door with all-over gauze entrance
  • Easy stow away door system
  • Inside pockets
  • Lamp holder
Technical specifications:
  • Material: breathable polyester
  • Material bottom: 190T polyester PU
  • Poles: aluminum 7001 T6 7.9 mm
  • Ground nails: aluminum
  • Color: pesto / red
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 330 x 140 x 90 cm
  • Pack size: 42 x 18 cm
  • Weight: 2.6 kg