德國三人防水蒙古營 Rapido 3.0

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Dark Green/Light Green






Rapido代表速度設置。 專為不想使用彈出式帳篷的露營者而設計。 Rapido只需2.5分鐘即可輕鬆完成設置。 兩根營桿的長度相同,帶有顏色代碼。 只需將營柱穿入隧道直到封閉的一端,然後抬起帳篷即可。 沒有誤設的可能。 內部帳篷已經預先安裝。 一個人可以輕鬆拉速Rapido。 A型正面提供寬敞的空間。 全天氣適用的入口。 全天候通風,外帳篷和內帳篷之間有額外的距離,以最大程度地減少冷凝水。


Fly sheet

-Superior porch entry
-Functional entry with side opening to avoid entry height level
-Zipper flap 
-One side closed pole tunnel for quick set up
-Permanent ventilation with distance holder
-Roomy space between fly sheet and inner tent. Air circulation
-Color marked poles
-Storage space

Inner tent

-Pre mounted inner tent
-Weather protected entry
-Door with mesh window
-Tub floor
-Inner pockets
-Lamp holder

-SBS brand zipper
-Zipped carry bag
-Durable, strong 5mm pegs
-Seam sealed

Rapido stands for speed set up. Specially designed for camper who don’t want to bother with pop up tents. The Rapido set up in just 2.5 minutes all in one very easy. Two poles in same length with color code. Just thread the poles into the tunnels till the closed end and raise the tent. No mistakes possible. The inner tent is already pre mounted. One person can easy pitch the Rapido. A- shaped front offers roomy space. Weather protected entrance. All- weather ventilation and extra distance between outer and inner tent for minimize condensation.