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定向指南針 Arc Jet C S


• Silva Jet 2.0針。 無與倫比的針速和穩定時間。
• 光譜快速撥號圖形
• 弧形翼設計提供額外支撐及穩定性。
• 底板設計讓拇指接觸地圖。
• 更小的底板
• 摩擦元件可改善與地圖的摩擦力。
• 堅固的材料,可承受惡劣的條件。

Arc Jet C S 是原始 Arc Jet S 指南針的迷你型版本,非常適合小手。 指南針配備了與 Arc Jet S 相同的獨家 Silva Jet 2.0 高效能指針。它具有與原版相同的膠囊尺寸和 Spectra 快速撥號圖形,並根據您的喜好提供左右版本。

Arc 系列基於 Silva Jet 2.0 針和重新設計的膠囊設計。 新針的設計旨在提供速度和穩定性之間的完美平衡,並在整個開發過程中經過了精英定向運動員的測試。 新型膠囊和指針的結合,為您提供了在速度和穩定時間、透明度和無與倫比的指針穩定性方面具有世界一流性能的指南針。

Arc Jet C S 擁有原始 Silva Spectra 系統的更新版、更乾淨的版本,它是為了簡化您的定向運動而開發的。 Spectra 快速撥號由膠囊上的參考標記和數字組成。 您只需在完成 Silva 1-2-3 系統的步驟 2 後記住指針所指向的數字,只要指針保持指向該數字,瞄準線就會引導您走向正確的方向。

快速撥號盤的設計像時鐘一樣,易於閱讀和記憶,使您在定向運動時能夠更快、更準確地移動。 無論您是精英定向愛好者還是休閒定向愛好者,Spectra 快速撥號盤都將幫助您高速保持在正確的路線上,同時減少錯誤。

將 Arc Jet S C 指南針與 Arc Zoom C 放大鏡結合為選購配件。 Zoom 可輕鬆連接到拇指指南針的底板上,幫助您更快、更準確地讀取地圖 - 當每一秒都很重要時,這是完美的選擇。 由於其功能性設計,它與指南針完美整合。

‧ Silva Jet 2.0 needle. Unmatched needle speed and settling time.
‧ Spectra speed dial graphics
‧ Arc wing design for extra support and stability.
‧ The baseplate design allows thumb contact with the map.
‧ Smaller baseplate
‧ Friction element for improved friction against the map.
‧ Robust material that withstands tough conditions.

Arc Jet C S is the compact version of the original Arc Jet S compass and fits perfect for smaller hands. The compass comes with the same exclusive Silva Jet 2.0 high performance needle as the Arc Jet S. It has the same capsule size with the Spectra speed dial graphics as the original and is available in a left and right version depending on your preference.

The Arc-series is built on the Silva Jet 2.0 needle and a reworked capsule design. The new needle have been designed to provide the perfect balance between speed and stability and it has been tested by elite orienteers throughout the development process. The combination of the new capsule and the needle, give you a compass with world class performance in speed and settling time, transparency and unmatched needle stability.

The Arc Jet C S has an updated, more clean version of the original Silva Spectra System and it is developed to simplify your orienteering. The Spectra speed dial consists of reference markings and numbers on the capsule. You just need to memorize the number that the needle is pointing at after completing step 2 of the Silva 1-2-3 system and the sighting line will guide you in the right direction as long as the needle stays pointing at that number.

Designed like a clock, the speed dial is easy to read and memorize and enables you to move faster and more accurately while orienteering. No matter if you are an elite or leisure orienteer, the Spectra speed dial will help you stay on the right course at high speed while reducing mistakes.

Combine your Arc Jet S C compass with the Arc Zoom C magnifier as an optional accessory. The Zoom is easily attached to the baseplate of your thumb compass and helps you with faster and more accurate map reading – perfect when every second matters. Thanks to its functional design, it is well integrated with the compass.