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露營遠足背囊 Norix 65


經典的徒步旅行背包,採用堅韌材料製成。 憑藉特定容量的可調節 V Comfort Vario 背負系統,這款可靠且持久的旅行背包為您提供高效重量轉移、輕質和整體靈活性的巧妙結合。 同時,巧妙的功能保證了舒適性和易用性。 承載系統針對重達 15 公斤的重量進行了優化。

‧ V Comfort Vario 背負系統
‧ 帶有防雪罩的背包
‧ 主隔間和底部隔間之間的可拆卸部分
‧ 負載控制帶
‧ 高度可調胸帶
‧ 特殊結構,使腰帶固定重新定向,以允許單手調節
‧ 帶襯墊的通風臀瓣
‧ 側面壓縮帶帶有可鎖扣
‧ 正面及背面均有把手
‧ 高度可調節蓋子,帶齒輪環
‧ 鑰匙扣
‧ 防雨罩
‧ 兼容背囊水袋
‧ 大號拉鍊前開口可通往主隔層
‧ 底部兩側拉高,配有全方位壓縮帶
‧ 彈性材質側袋
‧ 正面有材料環,帶有集成的登山杖/冰鎬支架
‧ 急救箱(不含物品)
‧ 大號拉鍊前袋


T-Square Rip / 450 HD Polyoxford / T-Snow Crust

A classic trekking and touring backpack made of tenacious materials. With the volume-specific adjustable V Comfort Vario carrying system, this reliable and long-lasting touring backpack provides you with a masterly combination of efficient weight transfer, light weight and overall flexibility. Meanwhile, the clever features guarantee comfort and ease of use. The carrying system is optimized for weights up to 15 kg.

‧ V Comfort Vario Carrying System
‧ Packsack with snow guard
‧ Removable section between main and bottom compartment
‧ Load control straps
‧ Height adjustable chest belt
‧ Special construction whereby hipbelt-fixation is re-directed to allow for single-handed adjustment
‧ Padded ventilated hip flaps
‧ Side compression straps with lockable buckle
‧ Handle on front and back
‧ Height adjustable lid with gear loops
‧ Key holder
‧ Rain cover
‧ Hydration system compatible
‧ Large zipped front opening into the main compartment
‧ Bottom drawn high at the sides with all-round compression straps
‧ Side pockets made of an elastic material
‧ Material loops on the front with an integrated hiking stick/ice axe holder
‧ First Aid Compartment (Contents not included)
‧ Large zipped front pocket


T-Square Rip / 450 HD Polyoxford / T-Snow Crust