女裝防水保溫滑雪褲 Antelao Beltovo 2 Powertex Primaloft W Pants

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• 防水處理,所有接縫均有防水貼
• 符合人體工學的腰部
• 側邊魔術貼可調式腰帶
• 皮帶環
• 大腿上部設有扁平拉鍊口袋
• 寬鬆剪裁,膝蓋處有褶皺,讓關節活動更自由
• 內綁腿帶有彈性嵌件
• 寬大的邊緣保護

• 內裡:Pa 塔夫綢 Eco Dwr 67 Bs ( 100%Pa )
• 保暖物料: Primaloft® 黑色保暖物料 80g Bs
• 加入:內腿下擺/防割保護 2l 220
• 主材質:Powertex 2l 10k/10k Pl Stretch 119 ( 100%Pl )
• 側縫長度:108 公分 (44/38)
• 透氣性:10000 g/㎡.24h
• 剪裁:常規
• 重量:504公克(44/38)

• 冷熨燙
• 低溫滾筒烘乾
• 不可乾洗
• 請勿使用氯漂白劑
• 冷水機洗

Salewa Antelao Beltovo 2 PTX PRL 是一款滑雪褲,專為山區戶外活動而設計,例如滑雪登山、攀冰和滑雪旅遊。 它具有防水和防風功能,可提供抵禦惡劣天氣的保護,同時允許活動自如。

褲子採用 Powertex Extreme 面料製成,這是一種防水、透氣、耐磨的薄膜。 這種布料可以保護您免受外部天氣條件的影響並保持溫暖。 薄薄的 2 層薄膜增加了額外的防水性並控制水分,確保最大的舒適度。

四向彈性布料提供出色的舒適度和靈活性。 褲子還採用 PrimaLoft Black 合成絕緣材料,增加舒適度而不增加體積,賦予其運動外觀。

腰帶可透過 Velcro 進行調節,為腹部區域提供保護並舒適貼合。 褲子剪裁寬鬆,膝蓋處有褶皺,讓關節活動更自由。 此外,帶拉鍊的大腿口袋為設備和其他必需品提供了充足的儲存空間。

Salewa Antelao Beltovo 褲子非常適合寒冷山區環境中的高強度有氧活動。 它是滑雪和其他戶外活動的可靠選擇。 所以,請毫不猶豫地購買它。

Salewa Antelao Beltovo 2 長褲是一款女式保暖軟殼褲,專為滑雪登山而設計,提供全面保護。 它具有防水透氣膜,可實現最佳性能。 褲子採用 2 層 Powertex 布料製成,確保完全防水。 它還包括柔軟的 PrimaLoft Black 合成填充物,可增加隔熱性和舒適度,在不增加重量或體積的情況下提供溫暖。

四向彈性外殼布料、符合人體工學的腰部以及膝蓋處褶皺的寬敞剪裁,增強了靈活性,讓您更輕鬆地在快速轉彎和冰冷地形中行駛。 加固的內腿提供良好的邊緣保護,鬆緊的內護腿可防止雪進入褲子。

總體而言,Salewa Antelao Beltovo 2 褲子是高山、野外滑雪的完美選擇,提供保護、隔熱和移動性的組合。

‧ Waterproof finish, all seams welded
‧ Ergonomic waist
‧ Side Velcro-adjustable waistband
‧ Belt loops
‧ Flat zipped pocket on the upper thigh
‧ Roomy cut with gathers at knee allows extra freedom of joint movement
‧ Inner gaiter with elastic inserts
‧ Generous edge protection

‧ Lining: Pa Taffeta Eco Dwr 67 Bs ( 100%Pa )
‧ Insulation: Primaloft® Black Insulation 80g Bs
‧ Insert: Innerleg Hem / Anticut Protection 2l 220
‧ Main Material: Powertex 2l 10k/10k Pl Stretch 119 ( 100%Pl )
‧ Side seam length: 108 cm (44/38)
‧ Breathability: 10000 g/㎡.24h
‧ Fit: Regular
‧ Weight: 504 g (44/38)

‧ Cold ironing
‧ Tumble dry cold
‧ Do not dry clean
‧ Do not chlorine bleach
‧ Machine wash cool

Salewa Antelao Beltovo 2 PTX PRL is a ski pants designed for outdoor activities in the mountains, such as ski mountaineering, ice climbing, and ski touring. It is water repellent and windproof, providing protection against the elements while allowing for freedom of movement.

The pants are made with Powertex Extreme fabric, which is a waterproof, breathable, and abrasion-resistant membrane. This fabric protects you from external weather conditions and keeps you warm. The thin 2-layer membrane adds extra waterproofness and manages moisture, ensuring maximum comfort.

The 4-way stretch fabric offers great comfort and mobility. The pants also feature PrimaLoft Black synthetic insulation, which adds comfort without adding bulk, giving it a sporty look.

The waistband is adjustable with Velcro, providing protection and a comfortable fit around the abdominal region. The pants have a roomy cut with gathers at the knee, allowing for extra freedom of movement in the joints. Additionally, the thigh pocket with a zipper provides ample storage space for devices and other essential items.

Salewa Antelao Beltovo Pants are perfect for high-intensity aerobic activities in cold mountain environments. It is a reliable choice for skiing and other outdoor activities. So, go ahead and buy it without hesitation.

The Salewa Antelao Beltovo 2 Pant is a women's insulated shell pant designed for ski-mountaineering with full protection. It features a waterproof and breathable membrane for optimal performance. The pant is tailored from 2-layer Powertex fabric, ensuring complete waterproof protection. It also includes a soft PrimaLoft Black synthetic fill for added insulation and comfort, providing warmth without adding weight or bulk.

The 4-way stretch shell fabric, ergonomic waist, and roomy cut with gathers at the knee allow for enhanced mobility, making it easier to navigate quick turns and icy terrain. The reinforced inner leg offers good edge protection, and the elasticated inner gaiters prevent snow from entering the pants.

Overall, the Salewa Antelao Beltovo 2 Pant is the perfect choice for high-alpine, backcountry skiing, offering a combination of protection, insulation, and mobility.