女裝潑水保溫褲 Mercury 2 Dynastretch W Pants

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Dynafit Mercury 2 Dynastretch 女款長褲是一款輕盈、防風、耐磨的滑雪旅行長褲,採用彈性梭織尼龍製成。

• 耐磨
• 可調式下擺
• 腰部可調式
• 透氣的
• 雪地護腿
• 通風拉鍊
• 潑水面料
• 抗風
• 相容圍兜
• 口袋
• 褲腳拉鍊


這些輕盈、防風且耐用的 Mercury Dynastretch 女式長褲是經典滑雪旅遊愛好者的完美選擇。 這些彈性尼龍軟殼褲是 DYNAFIT 系列中的暢銷產品,多年來在滑雪旅遊界廣受歡迎。 這款褲子採用非常透氣、耐用的 Dynastretch™ 布料製成,防風防水。 它們與您一起移動,並提供令人印象深刻的高舒適度。 側拉鍊通風口和一體式綁腿使這款褲子成為您在任何天氣下的可靠伴侶。 拉鍊可讓您擴大腿部開口,使褲子適合攀爬時的大多數滑雪旅遊靴。 此外,Mercury 褲子的腿部有邊緣防護加固,以提高耐用性。 腰部可透過側邊鉤環閉合緊固件進行調節,以實現個人化貼合。 Mercury Dynastretch 長褲 – 受歡迎的滑雪旅遊傳統。

The Dynafit Mercury 2 Dynastretch Womens Pant is a lightweight, wind and abrasion resistant Ski Touring pant made with stretch woven nylon.

‧ Abrasion Resistant
‧ Adjustable Hem
‧ Adjustable Waist
‧ Breathable
‧ Snow gaiter
‧ Ventilation Zip
‧ Water Repellent
‧ Wind Resistant
‧ Bib Compatible
‧ Cargo Pocket
‧ Leg-hem Zipper

Weight: ~576g

These light, wind-resistant and yet durable Mercury Dynastretch Pants for women are the perfect choice for classic ski touring enthusiasts. These softshell pants of stretch nylon are a bestseller in the DYNAFIT Collection, enjoying huge popularity in the ski touring community for many years. These pants are made of a very breathable and durable Dynastretch™ fabric and is wind- and water-resistant. They move with you and offer impressively high comfort. Side zipper vents and integrated gaiters make these pants your reliable companion in any weather. A zipper allows you to expand the leg openings so the pants fit over most ski touring boots on a climb. In addition, the Mercury Pants have edge guard reinforcements at the leg for extra durability. The waist can be adjusted with side hook-and-loop closure fasteners to personalize your fit. Mercury Dynastretch Pants – The popular ski touring tradition.