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升級豪華露營充氣床墊連內置泵 Premaire Ii Elevated Airbed W/ Fiber-Tech Rp

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Intex PremAire® II 高架空氣床帶來奢華體驗

• Fiber-Tech 技術 – 提供卓越的結構穩定性和支撐
• 豪華天鵝絨枕頂,帶有重型 2 層層壓側壁和底部
• 2 層完全層壓的 AIR BED 牢固地保留空氣,同時提供卓越的耐用性、堅固性和舒適性的完美結合
• 數位舒適氣泵控制面板 - 全新設計的氣泵面板,搭配硬度控制旋鈕和 USB 連接埠
• 方便存放電線和小件個人物品
• 氣床控制應用程式 - 使用您的行動裝置透過藍牙控制所有氣床功能
• 如果沒有電力,也可以使用手動氣泵透過二合一閥門為氣墊床充氣

充氣尺寸:1.52m x 2.03m x 46cm / 60" x 80" x 18"

高強度纖維為內裝提供驚人的耐用性和無與倫比的舒適度。 床墊的底部和側面由層壓 PVC 製成,具有高品質的防穿刺性能。 床墊枕頭頂部由氣袋組成,可讓空氣平穩地逐漸流過表面,帶來無與倫比的睡眠體驗。 全新設計的數位幫浦面板提供硬度控制旋鈕和USB連接埠。

Luxury with the Intex PremAire® II elevated AIR BED

• Fiber-Tech Technology – offering superb structural stability and support
• Luxurious velvety pillow top with heavy duty 2-ply laminated side walls and bottom
• The 2-ply fully laminated AIR BED firmly retains air while providing a perfect combination of superior durability, firmness, and comfort
• Digital Comfort Pump control panel - newly designed pump panel with firmness control dial and USB port
• Convenient storage for cord and small personal items
• Airbed control app - Use your mobile device to control all airbed functions via Bluetooth
• Manual pump can also be used to inflate the AIR BED through the 2-in-1 valve, in case if electricity is not available

Inflated size: 1.52m x 2.03m x 46cm / 60" x 80" x 18"
Inflating time: 4mins
Max. load: 272kg / 600lb
Weight: 18.9kg

The high-strength fibers provide an interior with amazing durability and unmatched comfort. The bottom and sides of the mattress are made of laminated PVC to provide high-quality puncture resistance. The mattress pillow top is made up of air pockets that allow air to flow smoothly and gradually across the surface for an unparalleled sleeping experience. The newly designed digital pump panel offers with firmness control dial and USB port.