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2合1天幕斗篷雨衣 2 in 1 Poncho



輕便個人防水斗篷雨衣,可以覆蓋大背囊,登山健行或露營均適用。面料百分百防水,斗篷可展開為長方形,四角有打孔,可結上繩子,變身為臨時野外小天幕! 配收藏外袋,收藏後小巧輕便。斗篷下身為開放式設計,通風情況會比外套款式雨衣優良。

材料: 210T Polyester Taffeta 2000mm H2O.

重量 Weight: 336g

2-in-1 functional raincoat that combines canopy and cape
Lightweight personal waterproof cape raincoat that can cover large rucksacks, suitable for hiking or camping. The fabric is 100% waterproof, the cloak can be unfolded into a rectangle, and the four corners are punched, which can be tied with ropes and turned into a temporary outdoor tent! Comes with a storage bag, which is compact and lightweight after storage. The lower body of the cape has an open design, and the ventilation is better than that of the jacket style raincoat.

Material: 210T Polyester Taffeta 2000mm H2O.

Weight: 336g