不鏽鋼水杯 Drinking Glass S.S.

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0.2升水杯,適合越野旅行或海邊活動。 Campfire Drinking Glass 由輕質不銹鋼製成,底座呈錐形,存放時可嵌套在一起。 由於使用食品級不銹鋼,它不會留有金屬味,因此您的飲料將完全符合預期的口味。

尺寸:80 * 105mm


A 0.2L drinking glass for off-trail adventures or beachside drinks. Made from lightweight stainless steel, the Campfire Drinking Glassess have a tapered base and nest together when stowed. Because food grade stainless stell won't retain flavor, your drink will taste exactly as intended.

Volume: 0.3L
Dimensions: 80 * 105mm
Weight: 120g