不鏽鋼小杯4件裝 Shot glass S.S. 4 pcs

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辛苦一天后,小巧,輕便,可包裝的小杯可以很好地填補篝火旁坐著的你。 錐形不銹鋼設計使小玻璃杯可以滑入另一個玻璃杯中,以最小化包裝空間。四個裝。

尺寸:60 * 45mm


A small, lightweight and packable shot glass serves as an excellent complement to your hip-flask around the campfire after a hard day. The tapered stainless stell design allows the shot glass to slide into another glass to minimize packing space.
Pack of four.

Volume: 0.1L
Dimensions: 60 * 45mm
Weight: 150g