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不鏽鋼保溫咖啡杯 300ml Coupling

無論您去哪裡冒險,Koppen 馬克杯都能讓您的飲料更長時間保溫。 這些優雅的雙壁粉末塗層不銹鋼馬克杯同樣適用於家中、辦公室或露營地。 這些耐用的奶瓶由食品級 18/8 不銹鋼製成,適合日常使用,可使飲料保持溫暖,而不會灼傷您的嘴唇或手。 此外,它們由既不吸收也不釋放味道的材料製成。 不含雙酚 A 的塑料蓋確保不會洩漏,同時您可以通過小開口飲用。 工作、大學或休閒的理想選擇。 提供四種顏色和兩種尺寸(0.2 升和 0.3 升)。

‧ 360°激光雕刻進料區設計
‧ 可折疊不銹鋼手柄,適合緊湊的包裝尺寸
‧ 雙層設計讓您的飲品既保暖又保冷
‧ 粉末塗層表面提供出色的防滑性,即使戴著手套也是如此
‧ 不含雙酚 A 的塑料蓋確保您的飲料不會溢出
‧ 超薄設計,握感好,外觀獨特
‧ 大開口方便灌裝及清洗

材質 : 不銹鋼
高度 : 110mm

No matter where your adventures take you, the Koppen Mug will keep your drink warmer for longer. These elegant, double-walled, powder-coated stainless steel mugs are equally at home in the office or at the campsite. Made from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, these durable bottles are made for everyday use and will keep beverages warm without burning your lips or hands. In addition, they are made of a material that neither absorbs nor releases taste. The BPA-free plastic lid ensures nothing leaks while you can drink through a small opening. Ideal for work, university or leisure. Available in four colors and two sizes (0.2 l and 0.3 l).

‧ 360° laser engraved feed zone design
‧ Foldable stainless steel handle for compact pack size
‧ The double-walled design keeps your drink warm or cold
‧ The powder-coated surface offers excellent slip resistance, even with gloves
‧ BPA-free plastic lid ensures your drink doesn't spill
‧ Slim design for a good grip and special look
‧ Large opening for easy filling and cleaning

Article number : P742910
Material : stainless steel
Diameter 75mm
Height : 110mm
Volume : 0.3L
Weight : 214g