一人蒙古營 Xlite 1 Summer Basic

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>天幕 – 190T PU 2,500mm 人造纖維
>營柱 – 玻璃纖維 (直徑6.9mm)
>內帳 – 蚊帳
>營底 – 150D PU 2,500mm Oxford
>門數 - 1
>營釘 – 鋁
>重量 - 1.75kg

Self-supporting one-person Mongolian camp, with a breathable full mosquito screen inner tent, super cool, the outer layer is a 2,500mm high waterproof and tear-resistant nylon outer tent, a fiberglass camp column, a single door, and sundries can be stored between the front and rear inner and outer tents. "Four Seasons Camp" suitable for Hong Kong weather.

Product Specifications
>Fly – 190T PU 2,500mm rayon
>Camp Column – Fiberglass (6.9mm diameter)
>Inner Nets - Mosquito Nets
>Camp Base – 150D PU 2,500mm Oxford
>Number of Doors - 1
>Camp Peg – Aluminium
>Weight - 1.75kg