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    女裝越野跑鞋 【全新鞋楦】Ultra 100 W New Insole

    Nimbus/Black Out
    Hot Coral/Blueberry
    UK Size
    Ultra 100 達到了最大緩衝、抓地力和卓越能量回饋之間的最佳平衡點。 它的開發是為了讓您走得更遠、更舒適。

    ‧ 能量回饋
    ‧ 最大緩震
    ‧ Megagrip 化合物
    ‧ Vibram Traction Lugs
    ‧ 搖桿
    ‧ 無縫鞋舌
    ‧ 窄型鞋墊設計

    269 克

    掌跟差 (Drop)
    6 毫米

    26+4 / 32+4 毫米(前掌/後跟)

    Max. Volume


    專為超長距離而開發:Ultra 100 女士越野跑鞋是 42,195 k(馬拉松)以上的理想跑步夥伴,在任何地形上都令人印象深刻。 大多數超跑鞋都有一個問題:它們可能非常舒適且緩衝良好,但它們通常太重,不夠精確,並且在跑步性能方面有點乏味。 然而,要登上領獎台,您需要一雙能提供這一切的鞋子。 為此,這款全新的 Ultra 100 是與戴納菲 (DYNAFIT) 運動員團隊中最優秀的超級跑者共同開發的。 結果:一款完美彌合舒適性、抓地力和出色能量回饋之間差距的鞋子,帶您以個人最佳成績到達終點線。 儘管它具有最大體積的貼合度和超過 30 毫米的高堆疊高度,但它是一個令人印象深刻的精神夥伴,從第一步到最後一步都具有出色的抓地力和精確度。 6 毫米的落差說明了忠實的超級跑者的喜好。 對於鞋底,開發人員使用了 Vibram® Megagrip 混合物,它為競技運動設定了最高性能標準。 Ultra 100 首次採用新的 Vibram 牽引凸耳。這種創新的凸耳概念具有 4 毫米深的凸耳,可確保提高牽引力和完美的抓地力,因此跑步者可以安全、精確地在任何表面上移動。 中底具有舒適的緩震性能,帶來彈性感覺,同時保持靈敏和輕盈。 新材料的重量比傳統 EVA 中底輕 20%,但同時具有超過 10% 的能量回饋。 與 Heel Preloader 一起,符合解剖學的正確鞋跟結構可確保安全、保持固定並實現頂部控制和穩定性。 同時,跟腱的壓力也降低了。 此外,鞋底的搖擺形狀帶來動態、流暢的滾動效果,保證在沉重的雙腿上一直流暢地跑到最後一步。 Ultra 100 配備傳統繫帶,可根據您的個人需求進行個性化定制。 無縫鞋舌結構可減少壓力點,您可以將鞋帶牢固地藏在彈力鞋帶套中。 Ultra 100 – 準備好了嗎?!

    The Ultra 100 hits the sweet spot between maximum cushioning, traction and superior energy return. It was developed especially to take you very far, very comfortably.

    ‧ Energy Return
    ‧ Maximum Cushioning
    ‧ Megagrip Compound
    ‧ Vibram Traction Lugs
    ‧ Rocker
    ‧ Seamless tongue
    ‧ Narrow insole design

    269 g

    6 mm

    Stack Height
    26+4 / 32+4 mm (forefoot/heel)

    Maximum Volume

    When purchasing, it is recommended to buy shoes that are 1-1.5 sizes bigger than usual because of narrow insole design

    Developed for ultralong distances: The Ultra 100 trail running shoe for women is the ideal running partner upwards of 42,195 k (a marathon) and is impressive on any terrain. Most ultra shoes have one problem: They might be pretty comfy and well-cushioned, but they’re often too heavy, not precise enough, and a bit plodding when it comes to runability. To make it onto the podium, you however need a shoe that offers it all. To that end, this new Ultra 100 was developed together with the best ultra runners on DYNAFIT’s athlete team. The result: A shoe that perfectly bridges the gap between comfort, traction and excellent energy return to carry you to the finish line with a personal best. Despite its maximum-volume fit and high stack height of more than 30 mm, it is an impressively spritzy buddy with excellent grip and precision from the first to the last step. The drop of 6 mm speaks to the preferences of committed ultra runners. For the sole, developers utilized the Vibram® Megagrip blend, which sets the standard in competitive sports for highest performance. The new Vibram traction lugs are employed for the first time in the Ultra 100. This innovative lug concept with 4 mm deep lugs guarantees improved traction and perfect grip so runners can move over any surface securely and with precision. The midsole features comfortable cushioning for a springy feel, but also remains responsive and light. The new material weighs 20% less than a traditional EVA midsole, but at same time has an energy return of more than 10%. Together with the Heel Preloader, the anatomically correct heel construction ensures a secure, stay-put hold and enables top control and stability. At the same time, stress on the Achilles tendon is lowered. In addition, the sole’s rocker shape lends a dynamic, fluid roll-through that promises running flow all the way to the last step on heavy legs. The Ultra 100 comes with traditional lacing that can be ideally individualized to your personal needs. A seamless tongue construction hinders pressure points, and you can stash the laces securely in the stretch lace cover. Ultra 100 – Ready for more?!