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Max O2 Running Mask 2pcs/Pack

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1. As supplier could not confirm masks ready date, we welcome for refund if you think waiting time is too long.

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Probably the world's most breathable running mask. Runner designed and runner approved. NOT A MEDICAL MASK.

  • Performance fabric for maximum breathability
  • 3D SpaceBrace stays off your mouth / removable for hand washing
  • Adjustable comfort ear loops
  • Sweat wicking and dries in minutes
  • One size fits most
  • Dispose after 15-20 washes
  • Premium Italian fabric - 90% polyamide, 10% elastane

WARNING: Intended for use in sports by healthy individuals and and is not intended to protect against viruses or other transmissible diseases. This covering has not been tested or certified as personal protection equipment or to other medical standards. Can be worn over a medical mask if required by your local regulations. Not recommended for use in crowded areas or indoors. Not a replacement for hygiene standards like washing hands and practicing safe social distancing. Please respect your local COVID-related laws.