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男裝短袖涼感快乾衫 M Iced Tee

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穿上我們的雙層布料 Iced T 恤,讓你保持涼爽。

• 超輕量90gsm面料,採用37.5®^冷卻技術
• 彈性網狀側面,可自由活動並保持新鮮空氣流通
• 薄型平鎖接縫可最大限度地減少擦傷
• 反光元素幫助你夜間安全奔跑
• 成分:91% Cocona White, 9% 聚酯纖維

^那什麼是 37.5®? 它是一種織物處理技術,利用來自火山砂的活性顆粒,具有數十億個微孔,可將材料的表面積大幅增加高達 800%。 當您感到很熱時,活性顆粒會利用您身體的能量去除水分並為您降溫。 這可以帶來更好的性能、更高的效率和更大的舒適度。

請注意,背包摩擦可能會導致織物起毛球(我們建議穿著Sherpa Shorts進行跑步!)

Iced T 恤尺寸專為搭配 Commandos 和 Sherpa 短褲而設計。 例如,如果您穿著Sherpas 的中碼,那麼您也應該穿著我們的冰色 T 恤中碼。

超輕量 37.5® 布料由汗水蒸氣觸發,為炎熱天氣跑步提供終極涼爽,而超彈性側片則提供令人難以置信的通風和舒適度。

Run cool with our dual fabric Iced Tees.

‧ Super lightweight 90gsm panels with 37.5®^ cooling technology
‧ Stretch mesh sides for free movement and fresh air flow
‧ Low profile flatlock seams minimise chafing
‧ Reflective elements help you run safe at night
‧ Composition: 91% Cocona White, 9% polyester

^So what is 37.5®? It is a fabric treatment technology that uses active particles from volcanic sand with billions of micropores, massively increasing the surface area of the material by up to 800%. When you're hot, the active particles use your body's energy to remove moisture and cool you down. This can result in better performance, increased efficiency and greater comfort.

Please note that backpack rubbing can cause some pilling on the fabric (we recommend Sherpa Shorts for run storage!)

Iced Tee sizing is designed to match Commandos and Sherpa Shorts. For example, if you're a size Medium in Sherpas, you should also be a Medium size in our Iced Tee.

The super lightweight 37.5® fabric is triggered by sweat vapor to provide the ultimate cooling for hot weather running, while the hyper stretch side panels offer incredible ventilation and comfort.