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西班牙製跑山襪 Men's Trail Running ECO

Grey/Green 2748
Total Black 1887
T3 男士越野跑 ECO 襪子經過全面加固,非常耐磨。 這款襪子非常適合任何季節的越野跑。 用回收纖維製成的可持續襪子。

‧ 以回收纖維製成的可持續襪子
‧ 採用T3 和SLS 技術的越野跑襪
‧ 適合一年中的任何季節(非常寒冷的冬天除外)
‧ 無氣墊襪
‧ RED-CYCLED NYLON 具有耐用性和緩衝性
‧ COOLMAX EcoMade 纖維吸濕排汗
‧ TENCEL 纖維為肌膚提供柔軟舒適的保護層


成分:40% 紅色循環尼龍、22% Coolmax EcoMade、19% 萊卡彈力尼龍、19% 天絲



Coolmax EcoMade、紅色循環尼龍、天絲

S / 歐碼 35-38 / 美國男子 5-7 / 美國女子 5-8.5 / 英國 3.5-5.5
男/歐碼 39-42/美國男子 7.5-9.5/美國女子 9-11/英國 6-8
L/歐碼 43-46/美國男性 10-12.5/美國女性 11.5+/英國 8.5-12
XL/歐碼 47-50/美國男性 13-15/美國女性北美/英國 12.5+

最大的 T3 性能現在結合 SLS 技術並適應男性腳部。 兩者的結合造就了一款完全加固且非常耐磨的襪子,讓您的雙腳在越野跑期間保持涼爽並受到保護。 T3 男士越野跑 ECO 襪子採用獨立纖維層,這些纖維層協同工作以提供舒適感、支撐和吸濕排汗。 現在主要纖維由回收資源製成:

首先,RED-CYCLED NYLON 增加了耐用性並確保這些襪子留在您的鞋子里而不會滑落到您的腳趾。 這種紗線由 100% 再生尼龍製成; Econyl,由回收的漁網製成。 這種連續纖維的特點是它的強度和提供緩衝的能力。 它比市場上任何其他纖維都更耐磨損。

其次,COOLMAX® EcoMade 是一種萊卡聚酯纖維,由於其羅紋內部結構,可以非常有效地將汗水從皮膚排到襪子外部。 現在,纖維由 97% 的回收資源製成,例如塑料瓶。

最後,TENCEL® 是一種纖維素 Lenzing 纖維,來自經過認證的可持續種植園的桉樹植物。 Tencel® 的納米結構提供卓越的芯吸、聚積、膨脹和乾燥水分。 TENCEL® 提供了一層觸感柔軟且親膚舒適的層。 它是一種完全可生物降解的纖維,由可持續農場的樹木製成。

這種纖維組合使 T3 男士越野跑 ECO 襪子非常適合一年四季跑步。 您的雙腳將全天保持乾爽舒適。

The T3 Men’s Trail Running ECO sock is fully reinforced and very hard-wearing. This sock is perfect for trail running in any season. Sustainable sock made with recycled fibers.

‧ Sustainable sock made with recycled fibers.
‧ Trail running sock with T3 and SLS technologies.
‧ Ideal for any season of the year (except very cold winters).
‧ Non-cushioned sock.
‧ RED-CYCLED NYLON ads durability and cushioning.
‧ COOLMAX EcoMade fibers wick moisture away from the foot.
‧ TENCEL fibers provide a soft comfortable layer against the skin.


CONTENT: 40% Red-Cycled Nylon, 22% Coolmax EcoMade, 19% Stretch Nylon with Lycra, 19% Tencel

Shorty (hits just above the ankle)

Thin (1 of 4)


Coolmax EcoMade, Red-Cycled Nylon, Tencel

S / EU 35-38 / US Men 5-7 / US Women 5-8.5 / UK 3.5-5.5
M / EU 39-42 / US Men 7.5-9.5 / US Women 9-11 / UK 6-8
L / EU 43-46 / US Men 10-12.5 / US Women 11.5+ / UK 8.5-12
XL / EU 47-50 / US Men 13-15 / US Women NA / UK 12.5+

Maximum T3 performance now combined with SLS technology and adapted to the male foot. The combination of the two results in a fully reinforced and very hard-wearing sock, which keeps your foot cool and protected during your days of trail running. The T3 Men’s Trail Running ECO sock features separate layers of fibers that work together for comfort, support, and moisture management. Now with the main fibers made from recycled resources:

Firstly, RED-CYCLED NYLON adds durability and ensure these socks stay up in your shoes without slipping down to your toes. This yarn is made with 100% recycled nylon; Econyl, made out of recycled fishing nets. This continuous fibre is characterized by its strenght and ability to provide cushioning. It withstands wear and tear better than any other fibre on the market.

Secondly, COOLMAX® EcoMade is a Lycra polyester fibre that, due to its ribbed internal structure, very efficiently wicks sweat away from the skin to the outside of the sock. Now the fibre is made from 97% recycled resources, such as plastic bottles.

Lastly, TENCEL® is a cellulose Lenzing fiber which comes from Eucalyptus plants on certified sustainable plantations. Tencel®’s nano-structure provides exceptional wicking, accumulation, expansion and drying of moisture. TENCEL® provides a layer that is soft to the touch and comfortable against the skin. It is a fully biodegradable fiber that is made from trees from sustainable farms.

This combination of fibres make the T3 Men’s Trail Running ECO sock perfect for running in any season of the year. Your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long.