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Defender Tether Compact Hanging

Defender Compact Tether 提供了一個登山扣,設計用於安裝在手指上,以實現直觀的控制和緩解張力,它由一個正嚙合鎖固定。 使用可拆卸別針、寬體彈性夾子或掛繩孔輕鬆攜帶。

‧ 機身:陽極氧化鋁,扁平鼠尾草
‧ 登山扣:陽極氧化鋁,橙色
‧ 用掛繩孔、固定夾、+ 螺紋銷固定係繩
‧ 尖端控制登山扣釋放張力+固定齒輪
‧ 滑鎖固定登山扣
‧ 36" dyneema cable
‧ 開口環

Keep valuable tools close at hand. The Defender Compact Tether offers a carabiner designed to fit on-finger for intuitive control and tension relief, it is secured by a positive engagement lock. Easily carry w/ the removable pin, wide-body flexible clip, or lanyard hole.

‧ Body: anodized aluminum, flat sage
‧ Carabiner: anodised aluminum, orange
‧ Secures tether w/ lanyard hole, retention clip, + threaded pin
‧ Tip control carabiner to release tension + secure gear
‧ Slip lock holds carabiner
‧ 36" dyneema cable
‧ Split ring