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500 Kcal 輕量化脫水食物 Ultra Fuel Liquid Cereal Breakfast 100g

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極限冒險食品 ULTRA FUEL 早餐專為參與極限運動的人士配製,如鐵人三項、馬拉松、鐵人三項、山地馬拉松、沙漠跑、海洋賽艇、高海拔登山或任何需要長時間持續努力的活動。時間。

* 此配方設計為與冷水一起使用,使用熱水也可以,但如果使用熱水,則需要多攪拌一些以去除小塊

果糖、大豆卵磷脂、礦物質(無水磷酸二鈉、氯化鈉、檸檬酸鎂、磷酸二鉀、碳酸鈣、氧化鋅)、維生素(維生素C、菸鹼醯胺、維生素E、D-泛酸鈣、維生素B6、維生素B2、維生素B1、生物素、葉酸、維生素 B12)、金黃亞麻仁油粉、植物脂肪、濃縮乳清蛋白、燕麥粉、麥芽糊精

典型值 - 每 100 克
能量 kJ - 1.00
能量千卡 - 450.00
蛋白質 - 19.20
碳水化合物 - 58.00
脂肪 - 16.00
纖維 - 4.70
鈉 - 0.40
鉀 - 1.00
鈣 - 0.40
鋅 - 0.01
鎂 - 0.19
維生素C - 0.04
維生素E - 0.01
維生素 B1 - 0.01
維生素B2 0.01
維生素B6 0.01
維生素B12 1.25
葉酸 100.00
泛酸 0.03
生物素 25.00


Ultra Fuel 是一種添加維生素和礦物質的液體食品。 這很方便。
當您需要進食或攝取卡路里,或者在難以做一頓常規飯菜的情況下,或者您只是不想停下來足夠長的時間來準備飯菜時,您會發現極限冒險食品 ULTRA FUEL 是完美的選擇選擇。

它是一種均衡的高能量膳食,含有混合鏈碳水化合物、氨基酸、維生素和中鏈甘油三酯,可在幾分鐘內被吸收。 這些成分在傳統膳食中很常見。 然而,與傳統食物不同的是,這些營養物質不必先在胃中分解,而是直接被吸收。 極限冒險食品 ULTRA FUEL
它以粉末形式裝在立袋中,每份 100 克。

Ultra Fuel Liquid Food: High Energy Breakfast

This Recipe is designed to be used with Cold water *

Extreme Adventure Food ULTRA FUEL Breakfast is specially formulated for people taking part in extreme sports such as triathlon's, marathons, ironman, mountain marathons, desert running, ocean rowing, high altitude mountaineering, or any activity that requires a sustained effort over a long period of time.

* This formula is designed to be used with cold water, it is OK to use Hot water, but you will have to mix a bit more to get rid of small lumps if you use Hot Water

fructose, soy lecithin, minerals (disodium phosphate anhydrous, sodium chloride, magnesium citrate, dipotassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, zinc oxide), Vitamins (vitamin C, nicotinamide, Vitamin E, Calcium-D-pantothenate, vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, biotin, folic acid, vitamin B12), golden flaxseed oil powder, vegetable fat, whey protein concentrate, oat flour, Maltodextrin

Typical Values - per 100g
Energy kJ - 1.00
Energy kcal - 450.00
Protein - 19.20
Carbohydrates - 58.00
Fat - 16.00
Fibre - 4.70
Sodium - 0.40
Potassium - 1.00
Calcium - 0.40
Zinc - 0.01
Magnesium - 0.19
Vitamin C - 0.04
Vitamin E - 0.01
Vitamin B1 - 0.01
Vitamin B2 0.01
Vitamin B6 0.01
Vitamin B12 1.25
Folic acid 100.00
Pantothenic acid 0.03
Niacin 0.08
Biotin 25.00

Allergenic Information
For allergens see ingredients in bold, contains soy lecithin,whey protein concentrate,oat flour

Ultra Fuel a liquid food with added vitamins and minerals. It is convenient.
When you need to eat or take in calories or in a situation where it is difficult to make a conventional meal, or maybe you just don't want to stop long enough to prepare a meal, you will find Extreme Adventure Food ULTRA FUEL the perfect alternative.

It is a balanced high energy meal with mixed chain carbohydrates, amino-acids, vitamins and medium-chain triglycerides that are absorbed within minutes. The ingredients are commonly found in conventional meals. However, unlike conventional foods, these nutrients do not first have to be broken down in the stomach but are assimilated directly. Extreme Adventure Foods ULTRA FUEL
tastes great and provides fast and lasting energy.
It comes as a powder in 100-gram servings in a stand-up pouch.
Just add water, mix or shake and simply drink from the pouch.