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德國戰術背囊 TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL

Coyote Brown
小型戰鬥背包,具有極其可變的攜帶系統。 前面有三個口袋,MOLLE 系統採用雷射切割設計,內部有 MOLLE 鉤環區域。

‧容量:主隔間19升 上前袋2升 中前袋1升 下前袋2升
‧正面及側面採用MOLLE系統。 側面:寬度:2 個 Molle 環,長度:3 / 3 個 Molle 環


TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL 新開發的 Y2 背負系統在調整背部長度時提供了非常廣泛的變化,適合嬌小和很高的人。 24 升背包的主隔間內襯有 MOLLE 鉤環區域,可放置個人裝備。 TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL 還具有三個帶隔板的前袋,下部口袋可容納三個彈匣。 肩帶的長度可以調節,以便將背包穿在防護背心外面。


尺寸:54 x 29 x 18 厘米
布料 1:CORDURA® 500 den
布料 2:CORDURA® 700 den

Small combat backpack with extremely variable carrying system. With three front pockets, MOLLE system in laser-cut design and MOLLE hook-and-loop areas inside.

‧Ergonomically padded back with aluminum support elements
‧Y2 Carrying System
‧Ergonomically formed, padded shoulder straps
‧Removable hip belt
‧Padded hip fins with zippered pockets, removable with hook-and-loop
‧Side compression
‧Hydration system compatible
‧Volume: main compartment 19 l upper front pocket 2 l middle front pocket 1l lower front pocket 2l
‧Small mesh pockets inside, for storage of small parts such as batteries, etc
‧Hook-and-loop patch on the frontside (loop)
‧Three front patch pockets with zippered compartments
‧Strap system to hold additional equipment
‧Detachable rear panel with aluminium rail (can be shaped individually)
‧Laser-cut MOLLE system
‧MOLLE hook-and-loop on the inside for limitless modularity
‧Front and sides with MOLLE system. Sides: Width: 2 Molle loops, length: 3 / 3 Molle loops
‧Length-adjustable shoulder straps make carrying large body armour possible


The newly developed Y2 carrying system of the TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL offers a very wide range of variation when adjusting the back length and is suitable for both petite and very tall people. The main compartment of the 24-liter backpack is lined with MOLLE hook-and-loop areas for individual equipment. The TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL also features three front pockets with dividers, the lower one has space for three magazines. The shoulder straps can be adjusted in length to wear the backpack over protective vests.


Measurements:54 x 29 x 18 cm
Volume:24 L
Weight:1,7 kg
Fabric 1:CORDURA® 500 den
Fabric 2:CORDURA® 700 den
Carrying system 1:Y2 System (TT)