英國品牌旅行掛衣繩 Travel Clothes Line

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當您在旅途中時,很可能會發現自己想要晾乾的一堆洗衣機或濕衣服,而並非總是理想的懸掛方式。 這條旅行洗滌線是完美的解決方案,您甚至不需要衣夾。

該線是扭曲的,使您無需夾住釘子即可“夾住”衣服和毛巾。 該生產線的每一端都具有掛鉤和吸盤,因此您可以選擇最有效的方法將生產線固定到陽台,樹木或任何其他固定點。 它還帶有自己的緊湊型便攜箱,因此您不必擔心它會纏繞在行李箱中。

  • 緊湊型鬆緊線
  • 絞線-無需掛釘
  • 掛鉤和吸盤末端
  • 包括緊湊的手提箱


  • 重量:41克
  • 尺寸(未包裝):1220mm(未拉伸)


When you're on the road, you are more than likely to find yourself with a bundle of washing or wet clothes that you'd like to dry off and there isn't always an ideal place to hang them. This travel washing line is the perfect solution and you won't even need clothes pegs.

The line is twisted, allowing you to 'clip' in clothes and towels without the need for pegs. The line features both hooks and suction cups on each end, so you can pick the most effective way to fasten your line to balconies, trees, or any other anchor point. It also comes with its own compact carry case too so you don't have to worry about it getting tangled in your luggage.

  • Compact elasticated cord line
  • Twisted cord - no need for pegs
  • Hooks and suction cups on ends
  • Includes compact carry case


  • Weight: 41g
  • Dimensions (unpacked): 1220mm (unstretched)