ArmBar Cork Onyx 4L

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Gerber Armbar Cork Onyx 31-003829 是一款迷你的多功能工具。 憑藉 Armbar 系列,Gerber 正在進入超薄多功能工具的世界。 閉合長度為 9 厘米,您的口袋、包或 EDC 袋中始終有足夠的空間放置這款多功能工具。 由於陽極氧化鋁刻度和實心鋼結構,Armbar 非常堅固。無論您遇到什麼,Gerber Armbar 都不會讓您失望!

刀片長度:7 厘米
閉合長度:9 厘米
重量:90 克

The Gerber Armbar Cork Onyx 31-003829 is a compact multi-tool. With the Armbar collection Gerber is entering the world of slim multi-tools. With a closed length of 9 cm you will always have enough room in your pocket, bag or EDC pouch for this multi-functional tool. The Armbar is very robust because of the anodized aluminium scale and the solid steel construction. The Armbar can handle its own. You can tell. It doesn't matter what you will come across, the Gerber Armbar will never let you down!

Blade Length: 7 cm
Closed length: 9 cm
Weight: 90 g
Number of tools: 8