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女裝露營遠足背囊 Norix 44+10 W

Titan Grey/Black
Bordeaux Red/Dahlia

經典女士旅行背包,配有優化的 V Comfort Vario 女士背負系統。 採用不含 PFC 的表面處理。

‧ V Comfort Vario 背負系統 女士
‧ 帶有防雪罩的背包
‧ 主隔間和底部隔間之間的可拆卸部分
‧ 登山杖固定圈
‧ 適合女性體形的加墊肩帶
‧ 負載控制帶
‧ 高度可調節胸帶
‧ 特殊結構,使腰帶固定重新定向,以允許單手調節
‧ 臀部鰭上有拉鍊口袋,其中一個由網狀材料製成
‧ 底座周邊受壓
‧ 可拆卸側壓縮帶
‧ 正面及背面均有把手
‧ 高度可調、可拆卸的蓋子
‧ 蓋子附有拉鍊口袋
‧ 鑰匙扣
‧ 防雨罩
‧ 兼容背囊水袋
‧ 大號拉鍊前開口可通往主隔層
‧ 彈性材質側袋
‧ 正面大口袋配有彈性嵌片
‧ 蓋子和正面有材料環
‧ 急救箱(不含物品)
‧ 不含 PFC/PFAS 的 DWR 表面處理

66 x 32 x 17 厘米



V Comfort Vario 系統 女式

面料 1:
100D Mini Honeycomb Eco

420 HD Nylon FD Eco

420 HD Nylon FD Eco

女士旅行背包 Tatonka Norix 44 10 女士

Norix 44+10 女士背包具有適合女性解剖結構的舒適靈活的背負系統。 該背包容量為 44 升,最適合小屋之旅和周末旅行。


Norix 女士的 V Comfort Vario 背負系統可根據您自己的背部長度進行調節,並通過精心加墊的腰帶將負載非常有效地轉移到臀部區域。 這樣,肩膀和背部就會得到放鬆。 它的設計重量可達 15 公斤。

旅行背包分為主隔間和底部隔間,並有額外的前部通道可通往主隔間。 側袋、前袋和各種裝備環用於存放額外的設備。

該背包採用不含 PFC 的表面處理。

Classic touring backpack for women with optimized V Comfort Vario Carrying System Women. With PFC-free finish.

‧ V Comfort Vario Carrying System Women
‧ Packsack with snow guard
‧ Removable section between main and bottom compartment
‧ Fixation for hiking poles
‧ Padded shoulder straps tailored to the female form
‧ Load control straps
‧ Height-adjustable chest belt
‧ Special construction whereby hipbelt-fixation is re-directed to allow for single-handed adjustment
‧ Zippered pockets on the hip fins, one of which is made of mesh material
‧ Compression around perimeter of base
‧ Detachable side compression straps
‧ Handle on front and back
‧ Height-adjustable, detachable lid
‧ Lid with zip pocket
‧ Key holder
‧ Rain cover
‧ Hydration system compatible
‧ Large zipped front opening into the main compartment
‧ Side pockets made of an elastic material
‧ Large front pocket with elastic inserts
‧ Material loops on the lid and the front
‧ First Aid Compartment (Contents not included)
‧ PFC/PFAS-free DWR finish

66 x 32 x 17 cm

44 l + 10 l

1,72 kg

Carrying system 1:
V Comfort Vario-System Women

Fabric 1:
100D Mini Honeycomb Eco

Fabric 2:
420 HD Nylon FD Eco

Fabric bottom:
420 HD Nylon FD Eco

Women’s touring backpack Tatonka Norix 44 10 Women

The Norix 44+10 Women backpack has a comfortable and flexible carrying system adapted to the female anatomy. With a volume of 44 liters, the backpack is best suited for hut tours and weekend trips.

Backpack with adjustable back length and thoughtful features

The V Comfort Vario Carrying System of the Norix Women can be adjusted to your own back length and offers a very efficient load transfer to the hip area through the elaborately padded hip belt. Thus, shoulders and back are relieved. It is designed for a weight of up to 15 kilograms.

The touring backpack has a division into main and bottom compartment with additional front access to the main compartment. Side pockets, a front pocket and various gear loops are used to store additional equipment.

The backpack has a PFC-free finish.