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德國童裝木乃伊型睡袋 Impala Vario

Impala Vario睡袋是為我們年輕的探險家提供的多功能且可擴展的睡袋。無論是暑假露營,在花園玩、耍還是拜訪親朋好友,Impala Vario都是一個不錯的睡袋,得益於DuraLoft®H1隔熱材料,它可以使孩子整夜保持溫暖和舒適。 DuraLoft®H1易於壓縮,經久耐用,即使在潮濕條件下也能保持其溫暖特性,並且可以快速乾燥。襯裡對皮膚友好且透氣。
睡袋底部的拉鍊可將袋延長30厘米(可通過拉鍊延長至 135 至 165 厘米)。睡袋還具有易於使用的拉鍊,拉鍊擋板和內部口袋。 Impala Vario帶有高質量壓縮袋,可輕鬆填充並最大程度地增加收納空間。 可30°C機洗。

  • 尺寸:130 x 65 / 42cm
  • 重量: 800g +/- 80g收納袋
  • 包裝尺寸: 30 xØ19cm
  • 體積:8,5L
  • 高品質150D牛津布壓縮背包,使包裝變得簡單
  • 4條壓縮帶可將體積降低多達25%



The shell is impregnated with BIONIC-FINISH®ECO. This water and soil repellent technology is PFC-free and environmentally friendly combined with better permanence and sustainability.
The Impala Vario sleeping bag is a highly versatile and extendable sleeping bag for our youngest explorers. Whether they are summer holiday camping, playing out in the garden or visiting friends and family the Impala Vario is a great sleeping bag, keeping kids warm and cosy all night long thanks to the Dura Loft® H1 insulation. Dura Loft® H1 can be compressed easily, is durable, maintains its warmth properties even in moist conditions and dries quickly. The lining is skin-friendly and breathable.
The zip at the base of the sleeping bag allows to lengthen the bag with 30 cm (extendable to 135 to 165 cm by zipper). The sleeping bag also features an easy to use zipper, a zipper baffle and an inner pocket. The Impala Vario comes with a quality compression bag allowing an easy stuffing and maximising the pack space. Machine washable at 30°C


  • Size: 130 x 65 / 42cm
  • Weight: 800g +/- 80g storage bag
  • Packing size: 30 xØ19cm
  • Volume: 8,5L
  • High-quality 150D Oxford cloth compression backpack, making packaging simple
  • 4 compression belts can reduce the volume by up to 25%