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信封形人造纖維睡袋 Ascent Square

R Blue/Orange
‧ 採用 InsulLOFT 超輕保溫纖維作填充物,不但高度潑水,而且高度透氣和快乾
‧ 其猶如羽絨般的超滑手感和高壓縮度,在高度輕量化的同時又不失高度保溫效能,更甚的是即使在濕淋淋的情況下依然能提供保溫效能
‧ 僅重約0.77kg,乃高度輕量化睡袋的上佳之選
‧ 採用雙拉鏈頭設計,內外開啟都輕鬆方便
‧ 採用壓縮袋設計,可進一步縮小包裝後的體積,輕裝上路無難度
‧ 拉鏈呈L型,可將整個睡袋拉開,瞬間成為一張兩人被子,袋口更內附小袋放置眼鏡或錢包
‧ 更可與同款組合成二人睡袋

‧ 溫度範圍:攝氏12-25度;極限溫度為8度
‧ 填充物:InsulLOFT
‧ 尺寸:210 x 72cm

‧ 請於清洗時免除衣物柔順劑

‧ Using InsulLOFT ultra-light insulation fiber as filler, it is not only highly water-repellent, but also highly breathable and quick-drying
‧ With its ultra-smooth feel and high compression like down, it is highly lightweight without losing high thermal insulation performance. What's more, it can still provide thermal insulation performance even when it is wet.
‧ Weighing only about 0.77kg, it is an excellent choice for a highly lightweight sleeping bag
‧ Adopting double zipper pull design, it is easy and convenient to open both inside and outside.
‧ The use of compression bag design can further reduce the volume after packaging, making it easy to travel lightly
‧ The zipper is L-shaped, and the entire sleeping bag can be opened to instantly become a quilt for two people. There is also a small pocket inside the bag for glasses or wallets.
‧ Can be combined with the same model to form a sleeping bag for two

‧ Temperature range: 12-25 degrees Celsius; limit temperature is 8 degrees
‧ Filling: InsulLOFT
‧ Size: 210 x 72cm
‧Weight: ~0.77kg

Kind tips
‧ Please do not use fabric softener when washing