男裝防水透氣徒步攀爬鞋 Ms Wildfire Edge Gtx

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‧ Pomoca外底
‧ Switchfit調整
‧ 彈力綁腿
‧ 防晃腳跟杯
‧ 戈爾特斯
‧ EXA殼
‧ MFF+鞋墊
‧ 登山繫帶
‧ 3F系統

‧ 足跟差:11 毫米(鞋跟高度 30 毫米/鞋頭高度 19 毫米)
‧ 合身:精準
‧ 鞋帶:平底鞋帶
‧ 單鞋重量:437克
‧ 鞋底:Tech approach

襯裡:GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort
外底:Pomoca Speed Mtn
鞋面:1.6 毫米絨面革,Exa Shell Over Injected 3D Cage,超細纖維

Wildfire Edge 是一種技術性的方法鞋,可以適應從遠足模式到登山模式。 Salewa Switchfit 系統與 Dolomites 的登山嚮導和專業登山者一起設計,既簡單又智能。 只需系上並收緊額外的孔眼即可調整合身度。 這樣,您可以向前拉腳,像登山鞋一樣壓縮腳趾,以獲得更好的邊緣和塗抹效果,並提高技術地形的安全性。 要轉換回遠足模式,鬆開鞋帶以獲得更寬敞的鞋頭和更大的遠足舒適度。

GORE-TEX® 延長舒適度
在高度耐磨的絨面革和超細纖維鞋面內部,超薄、極其透氣的 GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort 膜在各種氣候範圍內提供最大的舒適度,並防止潮濕天氣。 它可以讓您的雙腳保持乾爽,同時還能讓濕氣逸出。

為了進一步提高攀爬精度,Wildfire Edge 的鞋墊在前腳攀爬區域下方加入了一塊額外的硬邊板,以提供額外的定向剛度,同時鞋墊的其餘部分保持柔韌,以確保良好的舒適性和自然的滾動運動。

Pomoca Speed MTN 鞋底由粘性複合橡膠製成,可在光滑的岩石和平板上提供高摩擦力。 外底設計有特殊的凸耳,以提高在泥濘和柔軟地形上的牽引力。 經過研究,它可以在潮濕和乾燥的條件下提供有效的抓地力。

為了增強扭轉穩定性,Exa Shell 保護並包裹腳部,防止內部打滑。 3F 系統包裹足部以保證良好的貼合性、提供支撐和靈活性。 攀岩鞋帶一直延伸到腳趾,以實現更精確的貼合和更好的調整。 Multi Fit Footbed Plus (MFF+) 具有可互換層,因此您可以根據腳的形狀對其進行微調,支持我們的商標 Alpine Fit 和 100% 無水泡保證。


‧ Pomoca outsole
‧ Switchfit adjustment
‧ POMOCA® S Path
‧ Stretch gaiter
‧ Anti-rock heel cup
‧ Gore-Tex
‧ MFF+ Footbed
‧ Climbing Lacing
‧ 3F System

‧ Drop: 11 mm (Heel Stack Height 30 mm / Toe Stack Height 19 mm)
‧ Fit: Precise
‧ Shoelaces: Flat Shoelace
‧ Single shoe weight: 437 g
‧ Sole segment: Tech approach

Footbed: MFF+
Insole: Edging Plate
Lining: GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort
Outsole: Pomoca Speed Mtn
Upper: 1.6mm suede leather, Exa Shell Over Injected 3D Cage, Microfiber

Hike-to-climb adaptability
The Wildfire Edge is a technical approach shoe that can be adapted from hiking mode to climbing mode. Designed together with mountain guides and professional climbers in the Dolomites, the Salewa Switchfit system is as simple as it is smart. Simply lace and tighten the additional eyelet to adjust the fit. This way, you pull your foot forward, compressing your toes similar to a climbing shoe for better edging and smearing and increased security on technical terrain. To convert back to hiking mode, loosen the laces for a roomier toebox and greater hiking comfort.

GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort
Inside the highly abrasion-resistant suede leather and microfibre upper, the thin, extremely breathable GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort membrane provides maximum comfort in a wide variety of climate ranges and protection from wet weather. It keeps your feet dry, while still allowing moisture vapour to escape.

Climbing precision
To further enhance climbing precision, the Wildfire Edge’s insole incorporates an additional stiff Edging Plate right under the forefoot climbing zone for extra, directional stiffness, while the rest of the insole remains flexible to ensure good comfort and a natural rolling motion.

Sticky friction
The Pomoca Speed MTN sole is made of sticky compound rubber for high friction on smooth rock and slabs. The outsole is designed with special lugs for improved traction on mud and soft terrain. It has been studied to provide effective grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Alpine Fit
For enhanced torsional stability, the Exa Shell protects and wraps the foot preventing internal slipping. The 3F System wraps the foot to guarantee a good fit, provide support and allow flexibility. Climbing Lacing extends right to the toe for a more precise fit and greater adjustment. There is a Multi Fit Footbed Plus (MFF+) with interchangeable layers so you can fine-tune it to the shape of your foot, supporting our trademark Alpine Fit and 100% blister free guarantee.

A high-performance, adaptable shoe for scrambling and technical approaches.