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男裝防水保溫滑雪褲 Sesvenna Skitour Durastretch M Pants


Salewa Sesvenna 滑雪之旅 DST 長褲專為在山區環境中進行高強度活動時注重舒適度的熱衷登山運動員而設計。

• 具彈性的
• 防風的
• 防水的
• 保暖的


這款褲子採用 Durastretch Bamboo 尼龍製成,具有竹子的天然抗菌特性,無味且耐用。 外層布料經過不含 pfc 的耐用防水 (DWR) 塗層處理,確保出色的防水和防潮性能,讓您保持舒適和溫暖。 4 向拉伸性能和角撐板提供最大的靈活性和舒適度,尤其是在具有挑戰性的攀登過程中。

這款褲子採用直筒剪裁和符合人體工學的腰部設計,具有運動外觀且易於穿著。 襠部角撐板提供額外的舒適度和活動自由。 此外,這款褲子還配有兩個拉鍊外袋,可為您的運動器材提供充足的收納空間。

無論您是徒步旅行、徒步旅行、高山攀登還是爬山,您都可以信賴並依賴 Salewa Sesvenna 滑雪之旅 DST 褲子。 所以,不要猶豫,購買它們吧!

The Salewa Sesvenna Ski tour DST Pants are designed for avid alpinists who value comfort during high-intensity activities in mountainous environments.

‧ Stretch
‧ Windproof
‧ Waterproof
‧ Thermal

These long pants are lightweight, water-repellent, and highly resistant to abrasion.

Constructed with Durastretch Bamboo nylon, which has the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo, these pants are both odorless and durable. The outer fabric is treated with a pfc-free Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating, ensuring excellent water and humidity resistance to keep you comfortable and warm. The 4-way stretch performance and gusseted inserts offer maximum mobility and comfort, especially during challenging climbs.

With a straight fit and ergonomic waist, these pants have an athletic appearance and are easy to wear. The gusseted crotch provides additional comfort and freedom of movement. Additionally, the pants feature two zippered outer pockets with ample storage capacity for your sports equipment.

Whether you're hiking, trekking, alpine climbing, or mountain climbing, you can trust and rely on the Salewa Sesvenna Ski tour DST Pants. So, don't hesitate to purchase them!