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美國攀石鞋 Shaman

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閉合方式: 肩帶
性別: 男女皆宜
中底:MX-P 1.6mm 半長 Love Bump 中底
外底:4.2mm TRAX® SAS

建議您選擇的碼數比一般鞋碼數減少 1/2 至 1 的US碼,但縮小的尺寸取決於鞋型、用途和個人喜好。

一款現代弧形鞋,專為挑戰不同類型攀登的登山者而設計。 同樣適合需要精確步法的懸垂體操路線和陡峭路線。 純素合成鞋面採用輪廓鮮明的鞋楦,確保您的雙腳始終處於有力位置,並且鞋子不會隨著時間的推移而過度拉伸。 在各個角度和岩石類型上都表現出色,如果有一款鞋可以統治所有這些,那一定是 Shaman。 張緊的腳跟蘭德將提供足夠的力量和支撐來壓緊小邊緣,同時產生足夠的力量來攀爬垂直角度的邊緣。 Love Bump 塑料中底將您的腳趾置於捲曲的力量位置,而指關節盒提供了空間,因此您不會將腳趾撞到腳趾蘭德的頂部,這兩個功能並行工作,以消除腳趾下方的死角和創造一種開箱即用的舒適和強大的感覺。

This climbing shoe excels on all types of terrain from steep faces to gymnastic routes

Closure: Straps
Gender: Unisex
Materials: Synthetic
Midsole: MX-P 1.6mm Half-length Love Bump midsole
Outsole: 4.2mm TRAX® SAS

Recommends you downsize 1/2 to 1 US size from street shoe size, though downsizing depends on shoe model, intended use and personal preference.

A modern cambered shoe designed for the climber who challenges themselves with different types of climbing. Equally home on overhanging gymnastic and steep routes that require precise footwork. The vegan synthetic upper is built on an aggressively profiled last will ensure your foot is always in a power position and that the shoe will not stretch too much over time. Excelling on every angle and rock type, if there was one shoe to rule them all, it would be Shaman. The tensioned heel rand will provide enough power and support to bear down on small edges, while yielding enough to climb those off vertical angles. The love bump plastic midsole places your toes into a crimped power position, while the knuckle box provides room, so you do not smash your toes against the top of the toe rand, these two features work in parallel to eliminate dead space under your toes and creates a comfortable and powerful sensation out of the box.