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戶外背囊 Akela 35 (New)

Stone Grey Olive
可靠的偵察兵和偵察兵背包,適合青少年,容量為 35 公升。 具有完全可擴展的主隔間。 不含 PFAS 的表面處理。

• V Comfort Vario 背負系統
• 主隔層與底部隔層分開
• 登山杖或冰斧固定
• 負載控制帶
• 高度可調式胸帶
• 有襯墊的臀帶
• 特殊結構,使腰帶固定重新定向,以允許單手調節
• 底座週邊受壓
• 正面及背面均有把手
• 相容水合系統
• 主隔層完全打開
• 側袋
• 附有拉鍊側袋
• 側袋後方有開放式通道
• 側面可以附加額外的袋子或配件
• 內部設有小拉鍊隔層
• 蓋子、前袋和側袋上有材料環
• 不含 PFC/PFAS 的 DWR 表面處理

尺寸:59 x 27 x 18 厘米
背負系統 1:V Comfort Vario 系統

布料 1:T-Snow Crust Eco
布料 2:420 HD 尼龍 FD Eco
底布:420 HD FD Eco 尼龍

Tatonka 青少年健行背包 Akela 35

Akela 35 小型健行背包專為青少年設計,非常適合偵察旅行、帳篷營地和短途旅行。 靈活的 V Comfort Vario 系統可根據不同的背部長度進行調節,以便腰帶正確定位,並將負載有效地轉移到腰帶上。 這確保了背部友好的攜帶。 該系統在調節靠背長度方面提供了相當廣泛的變化。


Akela 35 具有完全可擴展的主隔間 - 非常適合輕鬆裝載。 單獨的底部隔層傳統上用於存放睡袋,但它當然也適合將髒衣服與乾淨衣服分開。 背包有兩個帶拉鍊的大側袋,後面有一個額外的開放插入通道可用於容納帳篷桿。 蓋子、前袋和側袋上的材料環以及圓週底部壓縮為連接設備提供了更多可能性。

Akela 35 背包採用不含 PFC/PFAS 的表面處理。

Reliable scout and scout backpack for teenagers with 35 liters volume. With completely expandable main compartment. PFAS-free finish.

‧ V Comfort Vario Carrying System
‧ Divided main and bottom compartments
‧ Fixation for hiking poles or ice axes
‧ Load control straps
‧ Height-adjustable chest belt
‧ Padded hip strap
‧ Special construction whereby hipbelt-fixation is re-directed to allow for single-handed adjustment
‧ Compression around perimeter of base
‧ Handle on front and back
‧ Hydration system compatible
‧ Main compartment opens out completely
‧ Side pockets
‧ Attached zipped side pockets
‧ Open channel behind side pockets
‧ Possibility to attach additional bags or accessories to the side
‧ Small zip compartment inside
‧ Material loops on the lid, front and side pockets
‧ PFC/PFAS-free DWR finish

Measurements: 59 x 27 x 18 cm
Volume: 35 L
Weight: 1,4 kg
Carrying system 1: V Comfort Vario-System

Fabric 1: T-Snow Crust Eco
Fabric 2: 420 HD Nylon FD Eco
Fabric bottom: 420 HD Nylon FD Eco

Tatonka trekking backpack Akela 35 for teenagers

The small trekking backpack Akela 35 is designed for teenagers – ideal for scouting trips, tent camps and short trips. The pleasantly flexible V Comfort Vario system can be adjusted to different back lengths so that the hip belt is positioned correctly and the load is efficiently transferred into it. This ensures back-friendly carrying. The system offers quite a wide range of variation in adjusting the back length.

Fully expandable main compartment and practical features for scouts and Co.

The Akela 35 has a completely expandable main compartment – perfect for easy loading. The separate bottom compartment is traditionally used to store the sleeping bag, but it is of course also suitable for separating dirty clothes from clean ones. The backpack has two large side pockets with zippers, behind which an additional open insertion channel can be used to accommodate tent poles. Material loops on the lid, front and side pockets, as well as the circumferential bottom compression offer further possibilities for attaching equipment.

The backpack Akela 35 has a PFC/PFAS-free finish.