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美國攀石鞋 Zenist Pro

US Size

Zenist Pro 專為現代競賽型抱石問題而設計。 在超硬或超軟的二元鞋世界中,Zenist Pro 為敏感鞋類別帶來了力量


• 閉合方式:可調式單帶閉合方式
• 材質:合成材料
• 中底:EVOWRAPTM 全長1.0 毫米張力橡膠。
• 大底:TRAX® 4.2mm 分離式鞋底
• 重量:每隻鞋 290 克

建議您選擇的碼數比一般鞋碼數減少 1/2 至 1 的US碼,但縮小的尺寸取決於鞋型、用途和個人喜好。

使用採用 EVOWRAP™ 張力技術的 Zenist Pro 在零重力下攀爬。 Zenist Pro 是 Evolv 極簡訓練鞋 Zenist 的更強大的演變。 Zenist Pro 專為高難度攀岩和競賽風格攀岩而打造的終極鞋款。 Zenist Pro 將Evolv 的EVOWRAP™ 張力技術與其全新Contour™ 大底、Power Locke Heel™ 和超黏性TRAX SAS® 橡膠相結合,打造出一款極其強大的軟鞋,在從強大的動態運動切換到精緻的塗抹和腳部時提供無與倫比的多功能性互換。

The Zenist Pro is purpose-built for modern competition style bouldering problems. In a world of binary shoes, that are either super stiff or super soft, the Zenist Pro brings power to the sensitive-shoe category


• Closure: Adjustable Single Strap Closure
• Materials: Synthetic
• Midsole: EVOWRAPTM full length 1.0mm tensioned rubber.
• Outsole: TRAX® 4.2mm split sole
• Weight: 290g per shoe

Recommends you downsize 1/2 to 1 US size from street shoe size, though downsizing depends on shoe model, intended use and personal preference.

Climb in zero gravity with the Zenist Pro with EVOWRAP™ tension technology. The Zenist Pro is a more powerful evolution of Evolv’s minimalist training shoe, the Zenist. The Zenist Pro is purpose built to be the ultimate shoe for volumes and competition style climbing. The Zenist Pro combines Evolv’s EVOWRAP™ tension technology with its new Contour™ outsole, Power Locke Heel™, and super sticky TRAX SAS® rubber to create an extremely powerful soft shoe, providing unrivalled versatility when switching from powerful dynamic movements to delicate smears and foot swaps.