攀石鞋 Geshido

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閉合方式: 肩帶
性別: 男女皆宜
外底:4.2mm TRAX® SAS 外底

建議您選擇的碼數比一般鞋碼數減少 1/2 至 1 的US碼,但縮小的尺寸取決於鞋型、用途和個人喜好。

專為需要在各種地形(從適度懸垂到垂直和非垂直面)上長時間表現出色的登山者而設計。 Geshido 採用單層純素合成鞋面製成,使鞋子感覺更緊、更有力。 Geshido 配有 2 條帶子鉤環閉合系統,方便穿脫。 配備 1.2 全長塑料中底,可確保您有足夠的動力來驅動小特徵,並在這些技術序列中提供信心。 Geshido 具有較薄的後跟輪,以便在路線經過垂直方向時屈服,但搭配深色脊柱後跟中底,以確保腳趾在需要時有足夠的剛性和力量。

Performance climbing shoe with powerful edging on all terrain in and out the gym

Closure: Straps
Gender: Unisex
Materials: Synthetic
Midsole: 1.2mm full length midsole
Outsole: 4.2mm TRAX® SAS outsole
Vegan: Yes

Recommends you downsize 1/2 to 1 US size from street shoe size, though downsizing depends on shoe model, intended use and personal preference.

Designed for the climber that needs performance to excel on all types of terrain from moderately overhanging to vertical and off-vertical faces for long periods of time. The Geshido is built with a single layer vegan synthetic upper, which will keep the shoe feeling tighter and more powerful. The Geshido has a 2-strap hook and loop closure system for easy on and off. Equipped with a 1.2 full-length plastic midsole that will ensure that you have enough power to drive through small features and provide confidence during those technical sequences. The Geshido has a thinner heel rand to yield when the route goes past vertical but is paired with a dark spine heel midsole to ensure that there is plenty of rigidity and power to the toes when needed.