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女裝潑水保溫褲 Speedfit Dynastretch W Pants

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Speedfit Dynastretch 是一款女式運動褲,旨在提供最佳的舒適度和性能。

• 反光貼
• 防風的
• 具彈性

它採用軟殼材料製成,可有效防止水分與皮膚接觸。 這款褲子的正面和背面均採用彈性布料,可在活動期間不受限制地活動。

Dynafit 運動服採用 100% 透氣布料,確保肌膚長時間保持乾爽清新。 尼龍布料的加入增強了褲子的耐磨性,從而增強了褲子的耐用性。

Dynafit 女款長褲的設計採用鉸接式膝蓋以防止受傷,並採用可調式腰部以實現更好的合身性和定制性。 冬季服裝中添加了反光細節,提高在低光源條件下的可見度,以確保安全。 褲子有多種尺寸和顏色可供選擇,以滿足個人喜好。

這些輕盈 Speed Dynastretch 女式長褲專為滑雪道滑雪旅行而開發。 褲子正面採用防風彈性軟殼材質製成,背面採用柔軟拉絨布料。 這種組合提供了出色的透氣性和持久的防風防水性能。

背面的高性能尼龍布料既舒適又耐磨,使這款褲子實用且耐用。 預成型的膝蓋和可調節的彈性腰帶確保滑雪時的最大舒適度和風格。

這款 Speed Dynastretch 長褲具有高透氣性和反射性,無論白天或晚上,都是滑雪道滑雪之旅的完美選擇。 它們使滑雪道訓練變得輕鬆而愉快。

Speedfit Dynastretch is a women's sports pants designed to provide optimal comfort and performance.

‧ Reflective accents
‧ Windproof
‧ Stretch

It is constructed with softshell material that effectively prevents moisture from coming into contact with the skin. The pants feature stretch fabric on the front and back, allowing for unrestricted movement during activities.

The Dynafit sportswear utilizes 100% breathable fabric, ensuring that the skin stays dry and fresh for extended periods. The inclusion of nylon fabric enhances the durability of the pants by making them resistant to abrasion.

The design of the Dynafit women's pants incorporates articulated knees to prevent injuries and an adjustable waist for a better fit and customization. Reflective details are added to the winter clothing, enhancing visibility in low light conditions for safety purposes. The pants are available in various sizes and colors to suit individual preferences.

These lightweight Speed Dynastretch Pants for women are specifically developed for on-piste ski touring. The front of the pants is made with wind-resistant and stretchy softshell material, while the back features a soft and brushed fabric. This combination provides excellent breathability and long-lasting resistance against wind and water.

The performance nylon fabric on the back is both comfortable and abrasion-resistant, making these pants functional and durable. The pre-formed knees and adjustable elastic waistband ensure maximum comfort and style while skiing.

With their high breathability and reflectivity, these Speed Dynastretch Pants are the perfect choice for on-piste ski tours, whether during the day or at night. They make on-piste training easy and enjoyable.