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升級豪華露營充氣床墊連內置泵 Ultra Plush Airbed With Fiber-Tech Rp

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使用超豪華氣墊床給您最重要的客人留下深刻印象。 這款床採用專利的 Fiber-Tech 內部結構,具有超強的耐用性和承托力。

• 專利纖維科技
• 雙層舒適頂部提供光滑的睡眠表面
• 獨特的邊緣和底環結構提供卓越的穩定性
• 床墊離地高度 46 厘米 / 18 英寸,方便上下床
• 強大的內部充氣泵可快速充氣和放氣


Queen 加大雙人
充氣尺寸:152W x 203L x 46H 公分/60W x 80L x 18H 英寸
包裝尺寸:41L x 18W x 46H 厘米
重量:19.9 磅 / 9.05 公斤
最大負重:600 磅 / 272 公斤

天鵝絨般柔軟舒適的頂面貼合身體輪廓,讓您一夜好眠。 水平放置的橫樑與獨特的邊緣結構相結合,提供了超強的穩定性。 強大的內部充氣泵可輕鬆對床進行充氣和放氣。

Impress your most important guests with the Ultra Plush Airbed. This bed features patented Fiber-Tech interior construction for super durability and support.

‧ Fiber-Tech Technology
‧ Dual-layer comfort top provides smooth sleeping surface
‧ Unique edge and bottom ring construction provide superior stability
‧ Mattress is raised 46cm / 18" from the floor for ease of getting in and out of bed
‧ Powerful internal pump for rapid inflation and deflation


Inflated dimension: 152W x 203L x 46H cm / 60W x 80L x 18H inch
Packed dimension: 41L x 18W x 46H cm
Weight: 19.9 lb / 9.05 kg
Max load: 600 lb / 272 kg

The velvety soft comfort top surface contours the body for a great night's sleep. The horizontally positioned beams combined with unique edge construction provide superior stability. The powerful internal pump easily inflates and deflates the bed.