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可能是最輕的戶外充氣泵 Zero Pump

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‧ 重量僅為 1.2 安士 / 33克,終極輕量化氣泵
‧ 具備充氣和放氣於一身,每分鐘充氣達 180升,可連續為 25 張地蓆充氣,實力傲視同儕
‧ 採用專利的AIRVORTECH™2.0 技術和微型馬達,大大提升充氣效能
‧ 低聲量設計
‧ 耐用材料和防摔設計,特別適合戶外活動使用
‧ 配備多達 6 個多功能噴嘴,一個氣泵走天涯不再是神話
‧ 可更換電池,方便度大大提升
‧ 雙按啟動設計,貼心便利

重量:1.2 安士 / 34克
尺寸:1.02 x 2.95 英寸 / 2.59 x 7.49 厘米
壓力:2.5kPa (0.36psi)
風力:180L/min (47.52gal/min)

Possibly the world’s smallest and lightest outdoor air pump

‧ Weighing only 1.2 ounces / 33 grams, the ultimate lightweight air pump
‧ Equipped with both inflatable and deflated functions, the inflator can reach 180 liters per minute, and can continuously inflate 25 mats. Its strength is superior to its peers.
‧ Uses patented AIRVORTECH™2.0 technology and micro motor to greatly improve inflation efficiency
‧ Low volume design
‧ Durable materials and anti-fall design, especially suitable for outdoor activities
‧ Equipped with up to 6 multi-functional nozzles, it is no longer a myth to travel the world with one air pump
‧ Replaceable battery greatly improves convenience
‧Double-press start design, considerate and convenient

Weight: 1.2 oz / 34 g
Dimensions: 1.02 x 2.95 inches / 2.59 x 7.49 cm
Pressure: 2.5kPa (0.36psi)
Wind power: 180L/min (47.52gal/min)
Running time: 25min