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Zero Protect Electrolyte Drink Tablet 加鎂零糖零卡能量飲品


Zero Protect 是一款先進的能量飲料沖劑,不僅可以為您補充水分,還可以在劇烈運動期間和之後維持您的免疫系統。

• 無糖零熱量
• 含有關鍵電解質鈉和鉀
• 補充水分及維生素
• 含有維生素C、維生素D3及葉酸
• 適合廣泛的體育活動或全天
• 適合素食者及嚴格素食者
• 適合在運動前、運動中、運動後或全天服用。 易折標籤意味著您可以選擇理想的飲料濃度。

只需將一片片放入可重複使用的水瓶中,然後觀察它迅速溶解。 易折標籤意味著您可以選擇理想的飲料濃度。 Zero Protect 可以根據您喜歡的濃度進行混合,但我們建議將一粒片劑溶解在 500 毫升水中。 冬天,何不嘗試熱呼呼的呢?

該產品應作為多樣化均衡飲食的一部分並與健康的生活方式結合起來服用。 儲存在陰涼,乾燥的地方

您可以在運動期間和全天使用這款美味的零熱量免疫電解質飲料,以補充維生素、植物萃取物和關鍵電解質(包括鈉和鉀)。 帶甜味劑。

Zero Protect is an advanced Zero tablet which not only hydrates you, but also maintains your immune system during and after intense exercise.

‧ Sugar free with zero calories
‧ With key electrolytes, sodium and potassium
‧ Hydration and vitamin supplement
‧ Contains vitamin C, vitamin D3 and folic acid
‧ Suitable for a wide range of sporting activities or throughout the day
‧ Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
‧ Designed to be taken BEFORE, DURING and AFTER exercise or throughout the day. The easy-break tabs mean that you can choose your ideal drink strength.

Simply drop a tab into your re-usable water bottle and watch it rapidly dissolve. The easy-break tabs mean that you can choose your ideal drink strength. Zero Protect can be mixed to your preferred strength, but we recommend one tablet in 500ml water. In winter, why not try it hot?
Max servings per day: 4.

This product should be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool, dry place.

You can use this great tasting zero calorie immune electrolyte drink during exercise and throughout the day to rehydrate with vitamins, plant extracts and key electrolytes, including sodium and potassium. With sweetener.