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德國露營鋁製摺枱 Variety Camping Table L

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耐用的鋁製折疊桌,帶捲頂和可單獨調節高度的枱腳。 無論是在不平坦的表面上,還是讓孩子們有機會正確地坐在桌子旁——»Variety« 折疊桌始終保持在合適的高度,這要歸功於其高度可獨立調節的枱腳。 由輕質鋁製成的堅固滾動板可快速安裝,並為最多四個人提供充足的空間。 使用後,露營桌可輕鬆清潔並折疊起來,節省空間。 包括帶肩帶的實用包裝袋。


寬度:120 厘米
深度:70 厘米
高度:46-70,5 厘米
包裝尺寸:125 x 20 x 13 厘米
重量:6,2 公斤
容量:最大。 30 公斤

Durable aluminum folding table with roll top and individually height-adjustable legs. Regardless of whether it is on uneven surfaces or to give the children the chance to sit properly at the table - the »Variety« folding table is always at the right height thanks to its continuously height-adjustable table legs. The sturdy rolling plate made of lightweight aluminum is quick to install and offers plenty of space for up to four people. After use, the camping table can be easily cleaned and folded up to save space. Incl.practical packing bag with shoulder strap.

>Individually adjustable table legs
>Storage net beneath the table top
>Stable but lightweight aluminum construction
>Ideal for camping, festivals and the garden

Width: 120 cm
Depth: 70 cm
Height: 46-70,5 cm
Packed Size: 125 x 20 x 13 cm
Weight: 6,2 kg
Capacity: max. 30 kg
Material: Aluminium
Color: Silver