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德國露營摺椅 Uquip Sandy Beach Chair

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 UQUIP 的 »Sandy« 沙灘椅真的是一個夢想! 它提供了恰到好處的舒適度,而不會因為太重或太笨重而無法舒適地攜帶。 配備堅固的鋼架和堅固、舒適的座椅,真的適合每個人。 即使在特別鬆散的沙子中,超大的椅腳也能防止下沉。 只是坐下來,放鬆和夢想。

‧座位面積:58 x 48 cm
‧座高:22 cm
‧靠背高度:60 cm
‧包裝尺寸:65 x 17 cm
‧負載:最大。 120 公斤
600D 防撕裂滌綸

UQUIP's »Sandy« beach chair is really a dream! It offers just the right level of comfort without being too heavy or unwieldy to carry comfortably. Equipped with a sturdy steel frame and a firm, comfortable seat, it is really suitable for everyone. The extra large feet protect against sinking in, even in particularly loose sand. Just sit down, relax and dream.

‧Seat area: 58 x 48 cm
‧Seat height: 22 cm
‧Backrest height: 60 cm
‧Pack size: 65 x 17 cm
‧Weight: 2 kg
‧Load: Max. 120 kg
600D rip-stop polyester,
powder-coated steel frame